Charade Match – Kid’s Party Game
Supplies: Ideas for charades

What is better than playing charades, well trying to figure out who else in the room is doing the same charade as you are as you are doing a charade. A challenging and interesting take on one of the most popular party games.

Charade Match Game Prep & Play
a. This game is played in rounds so you will need groups of charades. 1 group per round. We suggest playing 5 or 7 rounds. You’ll need an even number of players for this game.

b. If you have 12 players, you’ll need 6 charades per round.
On pieces of paper, write up a bunch of charades to be acted out. You will need 2 of the same charades for each round. (ie: ballerina, ballerina, elephant, elephant, etc.)

c. Once you have a set of charades complete paperclip together or place in a zip lock bag so they cannot get mixed up with other charades. Now create the rest of your set, just make sure you don’t repeat the charades in another round.

d. Now put the first group of charades in a bowl and gather the group around. Let them know that they will pull a piece of paper from the bowl and will need to act out the item on the piece of paper without telling anyone else what the item is or making any sounds.

e. All players will start acting out their charades and then must watch other players to see if they are acting out the same charade. Once they find the person with the same charade they sit down next to each other on the ground.

f. After everyone thinks they have found their match and is sitting down the first part of the game is over. Then based on the order of who sat down first ask the team to reveal what they were by showing their paper.

If they match they win, if not they are out of the game. Continue to see how many teams got it right and how many got it wrong. This game is the most fun when you can make each thing pretty difficult to act out. Play several rounds.

Charade Match Scoring Version
The First team to sit down if correct earns 3 pts. all other correct matches in the round earn 1 pt.
– You need to score each person individually since the team change every round.

Play several rounds and at the end of the rounds the person or persons with the highest score wins.

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