Tire Roll Relay Race
Supplies: Large open area, yard is best, inflatable inner tubes like the ones used at swimming pools, may need stick or pole for stacking, start line, half way point marker

Now you can turn something as basic as an inner tube and a few items around the house or yard into a fun relay race at a Birthday party. First you’ll need to get inflatable inner tubes. You’ll need a minimum of two inner tubes (or actual tires) for the basic relay race and more for tire stacking races.

While you can have a relay race anywhere, it is best to play this kid’s party game outside or in a very large space where you can have several teams compete at once.

Have fun Naming this Game based on your child’s party theme or interests consider Luigi’s Tire Roll Race, Pit Stop Tire Relay Race and create your own.

Tire Roll Relay Race Game Prep, Rules & Play
a. Create a Start Line – This is where the teams stand to begin the game
b. Create a point or line that is a good distance from the Starting line. Each player must roll the tire (inner tube) to and around the obstacle and then roll it back to the Start Line to complete their turn.
c. Once the player returns to the Start Line that player must then tag the next player in line, hand them the tire and they must perform the same task of rolling the tire down and around the obstacle.
d. Once all team members have rolled the tire down and around the obstacle and returned to the Start Line, they are done. The first team to have all the team members complete the task is the winner, the second team is 2nd place, third – 3rd place and so on.

e. Before play begins be sure to:
– Divide the party guests into teams with the same number of players and if the numbers are uneven have one player go twice on those teams with fewer players.
– Clearly explain how to play the game and what the kids must do.
– Have 1 inner tube per team, if you do not have enough inner tubes you can have each team complete the task one team at a time and record each teams time. The team with the fastest time wins.
– Last state How the get start and when the game ends (We recommend you have each team play until the finish whether they come in 1st or last in the Relay Race)

While this concept is extremely simple for adults it can be very tricky and frustrating for young kids.

Tire Roll Relay Race Variation:
For kids 5 and 6 just simply rolling a tire may not be enough of a challenge so we though about coming up with a story: Luigi needs help cleaning up the garage because Guido is on vacation and Luigi wants to have it cleaned up and have all the tires stacked neatly before Guido gets back. For this game you will need an inner tube for each member of each team and a stick / pole.

How to Play this version of Luigi’s Tire Roll Relay Race:
– Have the kids line up in teams and have one child at a time roll the tire (inner tube) from the start line a end line at the other end of the room of yard.
– Then have a stick then is a few feet tall, that the kids must then stack the tires on.
a. Easy version have the kids place the tires on the stick / pole
b. Hard have the stick / pole be a few feet away and the kids must toss the tire around the stick, if they miss they must go get the tire return to the end line a try again until the succeed.
– Once they land the tire around the stick / pole they then can run back to the start line, tag the player and they can grab a tire and start rolling it.
– Once everyone from one team has completed the task they are done.
– The 1st team to finish Wins.

Still Another Variation Would Be To Place the Tires on the Car 
You would play this in a similar fashion. Grab a Tire and it down to the end line where there is a car and then you must place the tire on the rims of the wheel and then return to the start line.

This one would take a little more time and effort to set up as you would need to create a car for each team and create something to act as rim. My first thought was plastic buckets, but then we came up with a roll of unopened paper towels might work too. Basically you would need something for the tire (inner tube) to set on.

If you don’t have the means to create a car with all four tire just do half a car; 2 tires. The have the kids put the 2 tires on, then the next 2 kids must remove a tire from the car and roll it back and then the next two roll them down again, continue until everyone has had a turn.