Treasure Hunt Game
Supplies: Various items to be hidden, clues, and maybe a theme

Treasure Hunts are fun and make for an interesting party game or a weekend activity for your kids. We offer suggestions and helpful sites that will allow you to create a successful hunt at your house.

Easy Treasure Hunts, Few or no Clues
Treasure Hunts can be simple or complex and adapted to just about any event and you are never quite sure where the next clue will lead to or what the treasure will be. Create your own or check out printable options.

Hide different things or objects, the players have to either collect a set number or find a list of things, the first to complete is the winner. Objects can range from pieces of silver foil, chocolate coins, potatoes, pieces of a picture, hats, gloves, socks.

This game can be played individually or in teams of players, but make sure that you have more than enough treasure so everyone can find something. It can be just a fun game or the team to find everything first wins.

Need Help with Your Treasure Hunt Clues? Consider Riddle Me 100’s of ready to use clues.

More Complex – Kids Treasure Hunt Game
Supplies: Clues on paper, treasure (prizes)
Setting up the initial clue:
If you are hosting an event there are several ways to drop the initial treasure hunt clue.
1. Tie it into another game: Play pass the package and have it fall out of the wrapping or if using a Piñata attach the clue to a piece of candy or do a pop the balloon and have something in each balloon but one has a secret message.
2. Mail a letter to your house days in advance and add a message on the outside Do not open before “x” date. Then open in front of kids and read out the story of mystery and lost treasure. If a birthday party – the birthday girl or boy gets to read it.
3. Hide the first clue and point it out one of the kids and have them find it.

Next the Story: Now the clue and be a simple start to the treasure haunt or you can tell a story of a pirate was here and buried his treasure for safe keeping. Rumors are that this pirate shipped out and never returned, however the treasure still remains here… now drop the first clue…

Adjusting for age: If the kids are young the clues should be simple and all the kids participate as one large group of treasure hunters (have gifts bags for all the kids) and if the kids are older then you may want to groups kids into teams and have them compete for the treasure.

Clues: Clues can be simple or complex based on the age of the participants.
Go to a place where you clean your teeth before bed at night! (The nextclue would be hidden somewhere in your children’s bathroom)
At night you put your head here? (Pillow)
In the morning we enjoy drinking this? (Juice or Milk – attach clue to carton)

Try to create enough clues so that everyone can participate. You can ensure this by having them bring the clues back to a base so an adult can read the clue out to everyone. If you do this, select a new child to answer the question first and if they don’t know it ask if any of the others have guesses. If you need help with clues, Riddle Me software has will help you create riddles for your Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt event.

The treasure hunt can be as long as you like. Be sure to complete a trial run first to make sure everything is in order and it makes sense.
Thanks Jayneen