Feed the Ducks – Kid’s Party Game
Supplies: Open space for kids to waddle around, paper and pen for prep

Feed the Ducks Kids Party GameI was reading about the Duck Waddle game, where kids crouch in with their knees bent, bend their arms in like ducks wings and race in that position from a start to a finish line. And while the Duck Waddle game is fun in itself for 3 – 6 yr. olds, I kept thinking maybe that game could be more interesting.

The Result is the Feed the Ducks party game which works well for 4 – 8 kids, maybe more and is suited for 5 and 6 year olds, where a Duck Waddle Race could be fun for 3 and 4 year olds.

Prep Work for Feed the Ducks Game 
– Make sure you have a large area (yard is best) for the kids to waddle about.
– Determine how many kids will be playing 4, 6, 8 etc…
– Using paper cut out pieces of paper to represent bread (they can be square or bread shaped)
– Now you will need to determine how many piece of bread will be needed for each child. This can be done by taking the number of children that will be playing and subtracting by 2 if there are 6 or less children and subtract by 3 if there are 7 or more children playing.

How to determine Bread Amount: (Please note this is not real bread but paper that represents bread)
4 Children = Each Child will be given 2 pieces of bread, you’ll need 8 pieces of bread
5 Children = Each Child will be given 3 pieces of bread, you’ll need 15 pieces of bread
6 Children = Each Child will be given 4 pieces of bread, you’ll need 24 pieces of bread
7 Children = Each Child will be given 4 pieces of bread, you’ll need 28 pieces of bread
8 Children = Each Child will be given 5 pieces of bread, you’ll need 40 pieces of bread
9 Children = Each Child will be given 6 pieces of bread, you’ll need 54 pieces of bread

Once you have cut out all the pieces of bread, you need to put numbers on them and group them.
With 4 children – Write each number (1, 2, 3, & 4) on 2 pieces of paper.
So 1 of the children will receive two pieces of bread with the number 1 one it, another child will have 2 pieces of bread with a number 2 on it, another with a 3 on it and the last child will get 2 pieces with a number 4 on it.

As the number of children increase you will increase the numbers used to equal the amount of children playing and use the chart to determine the number of pieces of bread to create for each number.

You will also need a hat or bowl where you can place corresponding numbers to all the bread numbers. (ie – You’ll be calling out the numbers during the game so you’ll need a set for yourself.

How to Play Feed the Ducks Game
Gather the kids around and let them know they are going to play Feed the Ducks game.

The game is simple to play as each player must crouch like a duck, waddle and quack around the yard.
a. The Host (parent) pulls a number from a hat (there should be one number in the hat for every piece of bread) and then calls out one of the numbers.
b. The duck with that number on their bread then stands up and pulls out 1 piece of bread.  The first Duck to waddle over and take the bread from their hand gets it. If you prefer you can have them touch their arm or leg and then the child gives them the bread.
c. Once the 1 piece of bread is gone, that duck must then crouch and act like a duck again.
d. Once the ducks have dispersed then the Host pulls out another number and calls it up and now that ducks stand up and waits for the first duck to arrive to get their bread.
e. Play until there just 2 pieces of Bread left. The host then calls out one last number and allow the ducks to waddle over to get the bread.
f. At this point the game is over and the Duck holding the last uncalled number gets to keep that piece.
g. Players then count up there pieces of bread and the one with the highest total wins.

In case of a tie, just have two or more Winners. (The goal is to have fun.)

Tips / Items to Note:
– Parent Tip: Create a Bread Basket that the ducks take their bread to once they have gotten a piece of bread, this makes sure they don’t lose it or accidentally give it away which can cause a meltdown. Our kids had fun playing and the baskets were a big help.
– Remind the Ducks giving out the bread to give out their Numbered Bread and not the Bread they have Collected. So duck number 3 should only give out #3 breads, they should not be giving out the #1 and #2 breads they collected.