The Candy Bar Game
Supplies: Assorted candy bars (approximately 10), labels for candy bars, a container, music

This is a fun game / activity where everyone ends up with a candy bar and maybe a prize. It can be played at kid’s birthday parties or at Halloween events. We offer a friendly version and a variation that involves a quiz questions.

Candy Bar Game Prep
a. Place a label with instructions on each candy bar. I just use plain paper and clear tape for this. Each candy bar will say something different. You’ll one candy bar for each player in the game, we suggest have 2 – 3 extra just in case you have extra guests.

For example:
Sweet Tarts the label might read, “Give me to the sweetest person in the circle.”
Nutrageous could read, “Give me to the nuttiest person in the circle.”
Snickers could read “Give to the person who laughs the most”
Almond Joy could read “Give to the happiest person”
Milky Way could read “Give to the biggest star in the room”
Kit Kat could read “Give to the biggest animal lover in the room”
Butterfinger could read “Give to the person most likely to have something slip through their fingers”

If you have a Candy Bar where you can’t come up with a fun instructions, use these generic ones.
– Pass me to the first person on your right (or left) without a Candy Bar
– If you don’t have a Candy Bar “Keep Me” if you do then pass to the left of you

b. Place the candy bars in a box or container that can be passed around a circle like in the game Hot Potato. I made a box with an open top, wrapped black spandex material around it, and cut a slit in the top so the players can reach inside. This keeps the candy bars hidden.

c. Arrange players in a circle.

The Candy Bar Game – How to Play
a.. Players will pass around the box while the music plays. I like to use the song “I Want Candy” by Bananarama.

b. When you stop the song, the person holding the box will pull out a candy bar and follow the instructions on the bar.
When someone receives a Candy Bar then they can not receive another Candy Bar. That way everyone receives a Candy Bar.

c. Continue Game Play until all the Candy Bars have been pulled from the box or each child has a candy Bar.

d. At the end of the game, I place the names of all ten (or whatever the number of candy bars you played with) candy bars in a hat and let someone draw a name.

The person holding the lucky candy bar wins a prize.
Thanks Carissa – Beckley, WI

The Candy Bar Game – Game Variation
1. Rather than instructions, make each Candy Bar a mini-Contest like:
a. Answer a Question First (About Animals, the Zoo, a Holiday or any fun topic)
b. Solve a math equation
c. Blow the Biggest Bubble
d. Other some other fun task or challenge

This allows all the kids that want that Candy Bar to participate. Then the WInner of that Contest Gets the Candy Bar

Also if the kids are to young to read the Game Host (Mom) can read the challenge or question from a clip board and it doesn’t need to be on the candy bar. This also allows the Game Host to do the more fun challenges when more kids can play.

Another Candy Bar Game Option
Our printable Trick or Treat Halloween Candy Game is fun for Halloween gathers, but it is geared for kids 12 and older.
Halloween Candy Trivia Game