Halloween Pumpkin Golf for Kids

Supplies: Pumpkins, golf clubs (plastic preferred), golf balls (plastic or regular), tape/course markers, optional runner or ramp into pumpkin’s mouth, if available indoor putting green

Pumpkin Golf is a simple and fun idea and we love it. Pumpkin Golf is perfect if you have a large yard or space, great for Halloween Carnival Stations and events where kids do one game or activity and move to the next activity. You can also set up a Miniature Pumpkin Golf Course with 3, 5 or 7 holes. Simply mark off a playing area for the hole, add obstacles like tombstones, zombies, pumpkins and other Halloween items or household items and then have the kids play.

Pumpkin Golf is played just like miniature golf where you use putters to hit the golf ball into the pumpkins mouth rather than a cup and record your score. For young kids give a prize when they get it in the pumpkin and for older kids offer prizes for holes-in-one or top scores. If scoring try to have at least 3 holes for your course.

Pumpkin Golf Game Prep
1. Create your pumpkin golf pumpkins.
Quick Tips: Make sure the mouth hole is high enough for a golf ball to roll through. Make the mouth wider for younger kids and smaller for older kids to increase the difficulty.
a. Take a real or fake pumpkin and when cutting out the mouth make sure it is close to the bottom of the pumpkin, so there is kind of a lip. This is the clean version.
Pumpkin Golf
b. Take real or fake pumpkin and cut off the bottom of the pumpkin and then make the mouth so it sits on the ground. If indoors we recommend using the fake pumpkins as they are less messy.
c. Take a box and cut out a hole where the golf ball will roll through and then decorate with a picture on the front of the box.
2. Once you have the mouth done, carve or decorate the rest of your pumpkin.
3. The easiest way to set up a one hole game is to use or borrow an indoor putting green, role it out and put the pumpkin where the hole is. However, if that is not an option you need to decide where to play. For outside consider sidewalk, driveway, on real grass (should be recently cut) or you can layout a piece of decorative mesh or carpet to play on (a runner would work). For playing Pumpkin Golf inside carpeting, concrete or wood can work. We recommend you try test the area first. A carpeted area tend to work best.
4. Once you have your hole area by sure to establish the putt line and where you want the pumpkin (hole) to be it will help in laying out the hole and your course.
Use Masking Tape for Putt Line
5. If you need to create a hole or holes you need to create a border / out-of-bounds marker. If doing a a straight putt, then use tape to mark the border and if the ball goes off the course, they need to start over. If you have several holes and where you have bends, consider using a long extension cord or even chains to define the playing area.
Idea: If using a long extension cord a. Unwind it a few days before the event to reduce the loops in it from being coiled. b. You can make two holes using one long extension cord.
Pumpkin Golf Border Options
6. If using a Pumpkin with a slightly lip make sure you have a ramp or place the end of the carpet in the pumpkins mouth. Use cardboard to make a simple ramp, leave plain or cover with a cloth it needed.
7. Golf course obstacles, the easiest obstacles are pumpkins and Halloween decorations. For young kids, place 2 or 3 along the edge just to add color and help keep the ball in the playing area, but for older kids use the obstacles to make it difficult to have a straight shot. These is best if you are playing several holes and need one easy hole and several harder ones.
Pumpkin Golf Obstacles - In the way or on the side, get creative.
8. Last: If you are playing several holes have score sheets to give out to players and then at the end of their rounds you can tally everyone’s score and see who the winners are.


How to Play Pumpkin Golf One Hole 

1. Instruct the kids that they are going to play Pumpkin Golf and let them know the the objective is to hit the ball with the putter and hit the ball into the pumpkin’s mouth. Do a sample putt so they understand the concept.
2. Then have each child putt from 6 – 10 feet away more if older and if they sink the putt in the pumpkin’s mouth then they get Halloween candy or a prize. If they miss the next person goes.
3. With young kids, we like the idea that kids get several tries to sink a putt into the month. So if they miss they go to the end of the line, once it is their turn again the go again and at this point you can have them go to the end of the line again or just have them take as many putts as they need to get it in the pumpkin. So on the last round, play until they get it in the pumpkin.

How to Play Pumpkin Golf as a Team
1. Divide guests into two or three equal teams. (Have someone go twice if uneven.)
2. Note: This is played on a straight course no obstacles. Explain that each player will take a turn and putt from the putting line and try to get the golf ball in the pumpkin. If successful, that team member has completed their mission and stands off to the side and if they miss they go to the back of the teams line.
3. Start with a member of the first team and then go to the next team.
4. Play continues until the first team to have every team member putt the golf ball into the pumpkin. That team wins.
* Make Harder by Blindfolding players – Just remember that in this version you need to line them up to the golf ball with the putter before the each swing.

How to Play Pumpkin Golf Multiple Holes
1. Once your course of 3 to 5 holes is set up.
2. Go over the Pumpkin Golf instructions. Each player will be play each hole and try to get the golf ball in the Pumpkin’s mouth in the fewest putts. Players will record each putt and if the golf ball leaves the course the play must tee off from the start line again. Final scores of each hole will be recorded on a sheet you give them.
3. After completing all the holes turn in the score cards and the fewest putts on the course wins. Another option is just to have them play for fun and not record any scores.

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