Halloween Mind Match Game

Halloween Mind Match is a Halloween party game for kids 6 and up!

Halloween Mind Match is a what are you thinking / finish my phrase / match the answer type game.
We saw other Halloween printable word games online in this genre and decide to up the ante and make something a little different, so we added before and after fill in the blanks so you can play more.

Plus, Party Game Ideas felt that just one Halloween Mind Match game wasn’t enough, so we made 3 different Halloween Mind Match games so several people can play! So there is more fun and laughs to go around.

Printable Halloween Mind Match
Each Halloween Mind Match game is made up of 16 different finish my phrase / fill in the blank words like Ghost _________ and ________ Moon. Most people think the answers should be obvious, but everyone thinks differently so you’ll often discover that two or three answers are used and that is what makes Mind Match simple and fun.

Halloween Mind Match - Printable Halloween Party GameHalloween Mind Match
is by PartyGameIdeas.com

IT IS NOT PART of The Halloween Party Pack
That is a different Company.

Halloween Mind Match

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Each Halloween Mind Match game takes between 7 – 10 minutes to play and score, so with 3 Halloween Mind Match games this activity can last for 20 – 30 minutes. This is a great Halloween party game that kids, families and adults can enjoy and it get guests interacting with each other. Make this part of your Halloween party just purchase our printable game, get pdf, print and play.

Halloween Mind Match is an interactive game where everyone has a chance to win if they match answers correctly. Play involves selecting one person to be the answer key and then the other party guests try to write down the answers that they believe that one person will answer one their Mind Match sheet. Once everyone is done, the answers are revealed and that is where the fun begins as guests start sharing why they selected that answer. This often leads to talking, laughing and interacting, which is why we enjoy this party game. Each printable Halloween Mind Match game is unique so each round you play will be different. This Halloween party word game / finish my phrase is rated as easy to play and is for ages 6 and up.

Enjoy our printable Halloween Mind Match game and Happy Halloween.

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