Vampire or Not Halloween Game

Supplies: Plastic fangs and teeth, cups, cards you create, candy / small prizes
Note: Wax lips have gotten larger in size and don’t work well for this game anymore. So we recommend the plastic fang teeth and gummy teeth as substitutes.

This Halloween party game is simple and fun for kids 4 – 7 years old. What we like is that it is not competitive but just fun and silly for those playing the game.

Vampire or Not Game Prep
1. For each child take a party cup (cup cannot be see through) and add one set of teeth and one set of fangs.
2. Determine how many fang cards and lip cards you need.
If 7 players or less have two fang cards and the rest lip cards.
If 8 – 11 players have three fang cards and the rest lip cards.
If 12 -16 players have four fang cards and the rest lip cards.
If more than 16 guests, divide into two groups and play. (Make two sets of cards.)
3. Now create a set of Lips & Fang Cards – We suggest you create 2 or 3 more cards than expected guests just in case you get some extra people at your Halloween party. The quickest way to create the cards is to take a photo of the lips and fangs and then copy the images and print it out on a sheet of paper. Now cut out the lips and fang images and attach to card stock.

How to Play Vampire or Not
1. Gather the kids and have them sit in a circle where they face inward and can see everyone.
2. Now hand out the cups with a set of lips and vampire teeth / fangs and tell them you are going to play a game.
3. Let the kids know that they are going to play Vampire or Not! Where one child, the Vampire Hunter, will leave the room and the remaining children will be handed a card that has a picture on it of a pair of Lips or Vampire fangs. If you get the Lips you put your Lips in and if you get Vampire fangs you put those in your mouth.
4. Once everyone has selected their Lips or Fangs and put them in. The Vampire Hunter returns and takes a seat.
Note:  During the time that the Vampire Hunter tries to determine who is a Vampire, the other players try to conceal their teeth from view by keeping their lips closed, so they don’t give away whether they are Vampires or Not.
5. After 30 seconds the Vampire Hunter must make their best guess as to who the Vampires are.
6. Have different level prizes / candy for those that get them all correct and some right.
7. Any unpicked Vampires then reveal themselves and then everyone removes their lips or fangs and places them back in the cup.
8. A new Vampire Hunter is chosen and the game starts over.
9. Play until everyone has had a turn to be the Vampire Hunter.

Vampire or Not Variation

A Fun Spin on this game is to have the child, Vampire Hunter, do something silly for 10-15 seconds without touching any other players so they can get other kids to smile or laugh. This way they will have a better chance to get the other kids to reveal whether they are a Vampire or Not! This makes the game more entertaining too.

Once the Vampire Hunter has completed their silly act then they must guess the Vampires. (Same rules as above apply)

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