Halloween Pumpkin Math Classroom Game

Supplies: Pumpkins, math questions written on paper (or ask verbally), marker, space and desks

Mix math and Halloween into a fun game for all.

First you will need 20 small to medium pumpkins (10 for each team). You will have 2 sets of pumpkins numbered 0 – 9. We suggest you use two different color markers when marking the pumpkins. This will make it easier to manage when setting up.

You will also need to make up math questions, based on your classroom skill level. The older the kids the more complex, the equations should be a challenging but not impossible. Also must sure the answers use one of each number since you only have 10 pumpkins. You can’t make an 11 if you only have 1 number 1.

Setting Up Halloween Pumpkin Math Game
Divide the class into teams and have 2 desks in the front, one for each team, and divide the classroom into a left side and a right side for Team 1 and Team 2. You may want to create space in the middle so there is a clear definition of sides. Now divide the pumpkins and place one set on the left side and the other on the right side. The numbers should be turned away from the kids and the pumpkins should be placed in a random order, so that the kids need to search for the pumpkin with the numbers that answers the question.

How To Play Halloween Pumpkin Math
The first players from each team come to the desks at the front of the room and are given a math equation. You can verbally ask a math question out loud or you can place it on an index card and have them turn it over at the same time. (If you say it out loud then other children might shout out the answer or try to whisper it.)

After receiving the math equation the child must then determine what the answer is and then find the pumpkin or pumpkins that is the answer for that question.

So if the question is 5 + 10 + 14 is? They would go search for the 2 and the 9 pumpkin to answer 29

The first player to go out and find the pumpkins bring them back to the desk, arrange them correctly and raise their hand, can win a point.

If the Team to first complete the task gets the answer correct, they get one point.
If they answer the question incorrectly, then the other team completes their turn and if they answer correctly they get a point.
If both teams get the answer incorrect, no team receives a point.

Play until each team member has gone twice or play to a specific score, 15, 20 or 25. Then the first team to hit that score wins.
Thanks – Jessica