Halloween Worm Bobbing – Messy Halloween Game for Kids

Supplies: Whipped Cream and Gummy Worms, bowls, plates, towels/napkins

This is an easy game and should be played at parties without costumes. A similar game be end more disgusting and messy is Eat Your Brains, so if this is to tame than check it out.

Get gummy worms and have 7 for each player. If you don’t have 7 for each guest, just make sure they have the same number of worms for each person. (There should be a minimum of 4 worms per person.)

You’ll also need a lot of whipped cream, the can version tends to work best. Consider one can per 2-3 people. Last you may want to have bibs for those playing the game so that they stay clean.

Note: Not a fan of whipped cream, consider pudding or dirt cake.


Worm Bobbing Game Play
1. Right before the game, take a paper plate add some whipped cream, add gummy worms, then cover the worms with more whipped cream, toss in last gummy worms and maybe a little more whipped cream. It is ok that one or two worms are visible.

2. Have guests seated or standing in front of a table, place the plate of whipped cream and worms in front of each player and have a small bowl beside the plate.

3. Guests are then instructed that there are “x” amount of worms in the whipped cream in front of them and they must go through the whipped cream, find the worms and then drop them in the bowl. The first one find them all wins.

The kicker is that they can not use their hands to find the worms only there mouths.

Want to make Worm Bobbing more difficult blindfold the players!

Worm Bobbing Relay Variation
Divide group into teams and have a plate with 2 gummy worms for each player.
Players stand at start line and when the Host says GO, the first player on the team heads to the table to pull out the two gummy worms on their plate. Once they pull out the two worms, they can then head back and tag the next team member to go.

Each Team member is given a new plate, so you should have someone at the table confirming each team member have a fresh plate and that they find all the gummy worms.

The first team to have everyone complete the challenge wins.