Make your Halloween party or Halloween display frighteningly awesome with Halloween decor, backgrounds, animated props and inflatable Halloween yard decorations. We have pulled together top selling and our favorite Halloween decorations  including animated monsters, witches and cats, creepy ghouls, skeletons, bats, spider and more for you. Our aim is to showcase Halloween items you may not find in your local store, but since they are online stock may be limited for these seasonal items.

Animated Halloween Decorations – Creepy Animatronics
We found Pennywise, Sam from Trick ‘r Treat, a Plague Doctor and more at Spirit
Creepy Animated Halloween Decorations - Animatronics

We went to the local Spirit Halloween store and got some great video several of the Halloween animatronics. From creepy clowns to thrashing zombies to Sam from Trick ‘r Treat these scary Halloween props are perfect for haunted front porch, yard and in-home Halloween displays.

This animated killer clown will spark fear in the hearts of the young and old. It makes the perfect Halloween prop for haunted circus displays, scary front porches, spooky themed displays concerning Killer Clowns from Outer Space. If you are interested in this clown, learn more about this animated Halloween clown here.

For country, cornfield, and harvest themed Halloween displays, this haunting scarecrow when placed in a dark room or surrounded by corn stalks and hay bales makes for a eerie display. This scarecrow’s eerie laugh is just the thing to let all who approach to beware. Proper space is needed for this scarecrow animatronic as it does jump up, so be sure to keep away from ceiling fans or you might just take it’s head off. Learn more about this animated scarecrow Halloween decoration.

In this section of Halloween decorations, we have pulled together Halloween airblown outdoor decorations, creepy party props, and accented decor that help set the mood for your party.

These Halloween decorations are sure to frighten kids and adults and allow you to celebrate Halloween in style. Add a fogger to your party and create an eerie mist that helps bring the room to life, yet hides the horrors that might just be around the next corner.

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