Halloween Murder Mystery Party Games
These Halloween Murder Mysteries are sure to put a unique spin on your Halloween Party. Have fun dressing for your murder mystery and discover who Killed a Vampire, Haunts the Castle or Murdered the Pirate! Murder mysteries work for small and large groups. Plus these Murder Mysteries have everything for your murder mystery including game kits, invitations, and game materials. These Murder Mysteries are perfect for Halloween and best of all is you won’t have to stress over all the details.

Halloween Murder Mysteries – Teen, Adult and Women Only Versions

Haunted Castle Murder Mystery

Horror in the Haunted Mansion

Number of Guests: 8 – 14 For Ages: 13 – 16 and 16 – 99

A fancy dress party is being held by Horrorwood Studios to celebrate their latest movie success. However, the night is about to take an unscripted change of events.
Haunted Mansion Adult, Haunted Mansion – Womens Only and Haunted Mansion – Teen

Death of a Pirate Murder Mystery

Death of a Pirate

Number of Guests: 8, 9 or 10 For Ages: 12 – 15 and 15 – 99

A swashbuckling murder mystery set in 1674 in Jamaica. Blake Beard is hanging up his eye patch to retire from the seas but what will happen to his treasure?
Death of a Pirate – Adult Version and a Death of a Pirate – Teen Version, Ages 12 – 15

Death of a Vampire Murder Mystery

Death of a Vampire Murder Mystery

Number of Guests: 8 – 14 and Large Group Teen. For Ages: 12 – 15 and 15 – 99

Vampireland in Transylvania is about to celebrate it’s grand opening and it’s guests are about to experience a frightening challenge. This challenge comes with risks, reward &… umm death!
Death of a Vampire Adult and Teen Version

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Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Number of Guests: 8 – 11 For Ages: 18 – 99

Captain Jack Ketch is dead. There’s talk of a black spot, a lost treasure and a spirit doomed to haunt them all until a killer is brought to justice. Find out who killed the Captain and why.
Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Spooky Hollow Murder Mystery

Spooky Hollow Horror

Number of Guests: 8 – 14 For Ages: 13 – 99

The grand celebration of the new owner of Spooky Hollow Manor has been overshadowed by the spine-chilling murder of one of the guests. Everyone in this ghoulish gang is a suspect.
Murder at Spooky castle

Bigfoot Encounter Murder Mystery

Bigfoot Encounter

Number of Guests: 25+ For Ages: 12 – 20

What begins as a typical evening campfire program at the Sasquatch National Park turns thrilling when a Bigfoot is spotted wandering through the campsite. Is it a hoax or the real deal?

Bigfoot Encounter – Fun for Teens and Young Adults

Halloween Murder Mysteries make for a great Halloween experience. Make sure you plan in advance for murder mystery parties and people are willing to participate. The best murder mystery parties we have attended, had guests dress in theme whether or not they were part of the who done it event. Have fun and we hope you catch the killer among you!

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