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Kid's Party Games

You're hosting a Birthday Party or Event for lots of kids, so how do you get the perfect party game? Cater to your guests, select unique and original party games help and plan to have fun. Party games for kids under 6 should be simple and fun, for kids 7 - 10 you want silly and fun games with challenges, once kids get older party games get a little tricky, so deciding whether or not to have games may depend on the group - consider brain teasers, outdoor games and sports games, scavenger hunts or a murder mystery.

Crazy Ping Pong

Crazy Ping Pong. Take an ordinary ping pong table and turn it into a competitive battleground involving teams blowing ping pong balls around the team. Several variations.

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Pass the Orange

Pass The Orange, Kid’s Party Game. Form a line, tell the teams they must pass and orange from one end of the line to the other, and then tell them without using their hands!

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Balloon Stomp Game

Balloon Stomp Party Games. Balloons are blow up and tied around the ankles, guests try to pop other guests balloons without theirs getting popped. Individual and team play options.

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Superman, Help Us

Superman, Help Us! – Kid’s Party Game. Kids race to dress like Clark Kent, until they hear Superman Help Us! Then they must transform into Superman and complete a task.

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Ring on a String

Ring on a String – Kid’s Birthday Party Game. Will you know where the ring is? This guessing game involves luck and some detective work as you decide who has the ring. Ages 10+

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Treasure & Scavenger Hunt Games

Looking to create a unique and fun Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt for your party, well RiddleMe offers hundreds of clues you can use to create a fun scavenger hunt for your birthday, holiday or special event.
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