Hot Potato Party Game
Supplies: Potato, timer, or store purchased game

Hot Potato is the perfect party game for you kids as the premise is and fun. Plus kids often enjoy this game enough to play it several times in a row. The average game takes between 5 and 8 minutes.

How to play Hot Potato
Gather all the kids in a circle and let them know they are going to play Hot Potato.

– If use the automatic Hot Potato music game at a Birthday party, you might need to adjust it a bit if you have a lot of party guests. (So don’t hand out chips). Play the game that once the Hot Potato music stops or timer goes off then that person holding the Hot Potato is out of the game. Play until there is one person left in the game and they are the winner.

– If you use a real potato we suggest that you use a timer or start and stop music to determine when someone is caught with the Hot Potato. The reason we like the timer idea is because it is random and everyone can enjoy the game without focusing on starting and stopping music.

In both cases the game is played the same.
– Set the timer or turn on the Game and hand the Hot Potato to the Birthday Boy or Girl.
– Then the Birthday person must pass if a real potato or pass or toss if the soft game hot potato, then next person must then pass the potato on and so on and so until the music stops or the buzzer goes off.
– The person holding the Hot Potato is then out of the game.
– The last person left in the game wins Hot Potato.

Want to Change Things Up?
Consider using a themed item instead of the Hot Potato:
– If they are a fan of Dogs consider a stuffed Dog and call it Hot Dog
– Or look for anything that relates to your Birthday Party theme, just make sure you select something that is soft and safe to pass. (No Barbie dolls or plastic Superhero figurines as they could injure someone.)

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