Pass the Orange Game
Supplies: Orange or tennis ball, guests up for a challenge

I have seen this game played by all ages and all I can say is that there is no trick to this game. Every player tackles this challenge differently and that is what makes this fun and interesting.

Pass the Orange Game Prep, Rules & Play
a. Divide the group into teams. We recommend 7 – 10 per team. Have teams stand in a line with one person behind the other. All players should be facing the game host. (Arranged guy, girl, guy, etc… or random order).

b. Each team is given an orange and just before the start of the game the first person must wedge/tuck the orange under his chin.

c. When the Game Host says “Go,” the first person (with the orange) in line must turn around and without using their hands transfer the orange from them to the second person in line without dropping it. If the orange drops, the orange must start from the beginning of the line again.

The process of transferring the orange continues from the 2 to the 3rd person, 3rd to 4th and so on until the orange reaches the last player on the team.

d. The team to get the orange to the end of the line first wins.

Increase Difficulty
Make it more challenging, have the orange go from front to back and then back to the front of the line again. First team to finish wins.