Mystery Gift Pass – Pass the Parcel Birthday Party Game
Supplies: Gift, box, wrapping paper and slips of paper

There are a variety of gift passing games and our Mystery Gift Pass changes up and added to the pass the parcel game to make it more interesting and entertaining with the activities. Be create, have fun and adapt this game to your child’s interests.

Mystery Gift Pass Game Prep, Rules & Play
This Gift Passing Game / Pass the Parcel Game can be played two ways.

1. Basic Gift Passing version is to wrap a box with a gift in it in layers and layers of wrapping paper and then play a game like hot potato where you pass the gift until the music stops and then unwrap a layer. The person to unwraps the last layer of wrapping paper wins the gift.

2. Our Mystery Gift Pass version includes wrapping the gift and insert a slip of paper between each layer of wrapping paper that contains a fun action, silly challenge or a fun bonus prize. We have some sample ideas below. It is recommended that you have at least ten or more layers of wrapping paper, but no more than twenty.

Each slip of paper will contain a message on it. The messages can be actions, challenges or prizes.

Hop on 1 foot 20 times, Sing a nursery rhyme, Blow up a balloon and sit on it, Do 10 Jumping Jack

Math problem, race challenge against the person on their write or left, or a trivia question. If they get it right they can win a small prize if wrong have them wear a silly article of clothing for the rest of the game (balloon hat, funny shirts, etc…)

Once a few people have had to do embarrassing things no one will want the gift, so in the 3rd or 4th wrapping change it up and give away a prize instead. Maybe one prize per 5 wraps, this keeps the players on their toes.

Playing Mystery Gift Pass
a. Seat all the party goers around the room in a circle.

b. Have an adult control when the music starts and stop, but this adult not be able to see the players Passing the Gift

c. When the music starts gift / parcel is passed around the room until the music stops.

d. When the music stops the person holding the parcel has to take off the 1 layer of wrapping paper and complete whatever the message or action says. Once the player completes the action then the signal is given to start up the music again.

e. Then the music starts again and the parcel is passed, the music stops and another player unwraps another layer.

f. The Mystery Gift Passing game continues until a player pulls off the last layer of wrapping paper and can open the box to reveal their prize.