Life Saver Stringing
Supplies: Life Savers, string, sandwich bags

Life Saver Stringing Game Prep & Play
a. Take rolls of Life Saver candies or mints and unroll and place into a bowls; one bowl for each child.

b. Cut pieces of string approx. 2 feet in length, one for each child. Tie one life saver to the end of the string securing one end.

c. Now have the string and bowl of Life Savers in front of each child and when you say “GO” each child has 20 or 30 seconds to get as many life savers on the string.

Increase Difficulty
To make this more difficult you can blind fold each child or do it in the dark.

d. The child with the most life savers on the string wins.

Well, they all win because they get to keep the Life Savers they string. After the game give them sandwich bags with their name one so they can take the candy when they leave.

Large Group Note:
If you have a large group and do several rounds with 3 – 6 kids each, use the same lifesavers for each round and toss them out at the end of the game.