Famous Name Game aka “The Name Game”
Supplies: Creative people up for a challenge

This is a fast paced word association game that involves linking one answer to the next one. This game / activity tends to work best for kids that are 12 and older, but can be played with younger kids with some adaptations.

Famous Name Game Prep & Play
This word game is based on speed and fast thinking. You can play by using the broad category of famous people or narrow the accepted responses by being category driven. This game is challenging for all ages and best for ages 12 years and older. Category Examples: Famous People, Bands, Cities, Movie Titles, Cars, Animals, Universities, etc…

a. Have players sit in a circle and explain the premise of the game.

b. Game premise: Randomly select the first to start and have them name a person from the category:
They say: Brad Pitt
Now the second person uses the last letter of that persons name as the first letter for the next name.
So the “T” can become Tom Cruise
Now the next person must name someone who’s name starts with an “E.”
The game continues until someone cannot come up with a Name within the time frame. That person is then out of the game and the person who last gave a name Starts the next round by stating a famous person. (See different options below.)

c. Key Name Game Rules
– There is a time limit that players have to give a name. We play with 10 seconds, but you can adjust to more or less based on age group. FYI – Do a practice round with no timer before game play starts, so players understand the concept.

– An answer can be a one word or two word person’s name. So you can answer Cher, Madonna or Kate Perry

– When the first and last name (or a one word name starts and ends with the same letter) starts with the same letter the direction is REVERSED! So if the person who got “Tom Cruise – E” says “Emilio Estevez” the direction of the game changes and the person who who said “Tom Cruise” must now come up with the next name which must start with a “Z.”

d. General Name Game Notes
You can play this as a party game or a general activity. As a party game, you can eliminate people after one incorrect answer or allow them three strikes (use pennies or candy as markers to know how many strikes each player has) before they are out of the game. Since this game moves pretty fast we like the idea of three strikes for groups under 10 people and single elimination withe groups over 10 players.

Adapt Famous Name Game for Younger Kids
This game can be adapt for kids under twelve, but they do need to have spelling skills in order to properly much up the proper words. We would say you want at least a third grade reading level.

In addition, instead of using Famous Names use Food or Animals as your categories and keep it to one or two words items. This way kids can use cat, dog, tiger, raccoon and other items they are familiar with.

If the kids play it a few times and they start naming all the same answers, change the category from Animals to Food or another items they would know.