Printable Who Knows the Birthday Girl Game

Celebrate a the Birthday Girl with these 20 Questions just about her!

Who Knows the Birthday Girl? game is the perfect way to celebrate a girl’s Birthday! Whether it is your daughter, niece, or just a special little girl you know, this game is all about her. Our printable birthday game offers a mix of questions that are fun and easy for kids and adults to answer. While many will match 8 or 10 questions, it will be interesting to see who can match the most with the Birthday Girl!

Our Who Knows the Birthday Game is suggested for kids between 7 and 10 years old. This Birthday game is geared to girls and mentions mermaids, princess and other favorites of little girls. We know everybody is different so we also offer a gender neutral Who Knows the Birthday Star and Who Knows the Birthday Boy? games that include some different questions and design options.

Printable Who Knows the Birthday Girl?
Enjoy getting answers to 20 questions, 10 multiple choice and 10 fill in the blank questions, about the Birthday Girl and see who knows her the best. This is a colorful and fun Birthday party game for kids. Just purchase our printable graduation game PDF and the file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Who Knows the Birthday Girl Questions - Printable Party Game

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Who Knows the Birthday Girl Best? game is best for
kids birthday parties. Suggested age range is 7 – 10 years old. Reading and writing skills are needed for this game.

The printable birthday party game is made to print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, but you can also print 2 games per sheet if needed. How to print 2 pages per sheet.

Game Play Length: Est. 8 – 12 minutes

Party Game Ideas Who Knows the Birthday Girl printable game is an easy and fun game for any Birthday party. Kids will enjoy the multiple choice questions and be challenged by the fill in the blank questions. The one thing parents enjoy is that the Birthday Girl gets to share her thoughts and everyone learns about her and who she is.  

This party game works well for kids ages 7 – 10 who have writing and reading skills. Know that everyone is encouraged to play, so make sure your uncle, grandparents, and siblings have a printable Who Knows the Birthday Game sheet. However, if giving out prizes for the winner(s), you might want to leave the scoring for the kids.  

Game Tip: If kids are having trouble coming with a Who Knows the Birthday Girl? answer, just suggest that they write in something they like and maybe the birthday girl will like the same thing as they do. 

When to Play Who Knows the Birthday Girl
This party game is often played early during the birthday party as an ice-breaker or before food is served.

This printable birthday game takes about 8 – 12 minutes to play and helps pull all the guests together. One adult can run the game, while the others do the final food set up. Then after the game you can move on to food and cake.

Party Game Ideas works hard to come up with fun and interest birthday party games, holiday games and printable games for special occasions. We hope your birthday celebration is full of smiles, laughter and great memories and that you vist us again for your party game needs.