Water Balloon Games

Supplies: Filled up water balloons, warm weather
Summer time fun means being outdoors and water balloons. Silly, fun, squishy water balloons allow for refreshing fun with family and friends. We offer up water balloon games for picnics, neighborhood events, family re-unions and kid’s parties.

Water Balloon Game Fun
Depending on how many guests you have and which game you select you may need to fill up over 100 water balloons before the party starts.

Careful Balloon Toss
The first game involves teams of two. Each team gets one balloon and they start close enough to hand the balloon to each other, then each progressive round they take half a step backwards. They continue to toss and catch the balloon each round and progressively take a half step backwards each time.

If the balloon breaks or if they drop it on the ground they are out of the game. The last team standing wins.

Hot Potato Water Balloon Toss
Form a circle like you would playing hot potato inside, now have everyone take one step backwards. Hand out a water balloon and let them know that the water balloon is the hot potato and they must pass it form person to person. If they have the hot potato when the timer goes off they are out of the game and if the balloon breaks on them when they are passing it, they are out and the timer is reset.

If it looks like is to easy and the balloons are not breaking when the toss it, have they take another step backwards after 2 or 3 rounds. Last person standing wins.

Water Balloon War
Select teams, give out water balloon and have a free for all water war with the balloons.

Pick Up The Pieces Game
The last and final game. You give everyone a bucket as a party favor, and you tell them who ever picks up the most balloon pieces out of the yard gets the last and final prize. The kids will clean the yard so well.

Water Balloon Target Game
Team the group into teams, Set up buckets as targets and place point values on each bucket. The further away the higher the point value.

Each player gets three tries to toss a water balloon in a bucket and earn points for their team. After their turn, score points earn and after everyone has gone, tally the points and the team with the most points wins.

Water Balloon Battleship Target Game
You’ll need a lot of buckets / containers for this game. Divide the group into teams and each team will have a separate area for play. Line up the buckets in groups like 3, 4 and 5 in a row, kind of like the battleships in the game Battleship.

The groups of buckets should be set up the same way for each team.

Team take turn having one player at a time, trying to land a water balloon in the opposing teams buckets. If a balloon lands in the bucket / container that bucket is removed from the game. If they miss the next player from the other team goes.

Play until one team eliminates all the opposing teams bucket. That team is the winner.

Super Distance Water Balloon Slingshot Game
Have a huge yard or a nearby sports field? Then gather up your water balloons 50 or more, take 5 targets (use buckets or cardboard boxes) and head to the field. Water balloon slingshot available below.

Establish a launch site and then place the targets 50 to 100 feet away. They can be in a row or in a general area.

Each player then has 3 tries to launch a water balloon and hit one of the targets to score a point. Play as many rounds as you can before you run out of balloons. Highest score wins.

Here are some water balloons items for your water balloon games.   

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