Animal Who Am I? Game
Supplies: Labels, animal print outs or words on paper, labels/tape

Kids love animals and learning about them. This Who Am I game is a question and answer game where guests try to determine What Animal Am I? Adults should be around to assist in this game, but it works well for children 5 – 8 years old.

Animal Who Am I Game Prep & Play
a. You are going to need to come up with a variety of animals to be used in this game. So create a list. Animals can be themed or you can use a variety of animals that the guests should now.

Farm Animals: Cow, duck, chicken, pig, sheep, etc…
Outdoor: Deer, fox, bear, buffalo, elk, monkey, owl, snake, squirrel, etc…
Really Unique: zebra, iguana, blow fish, shark, various bugs, anteater…

b. Print out pictures of these animals (helpful for younger children) or write the name of the various animals on sticky name labels. Vary by age group easy to difficult.

c. Let guests know that you are going to play Animal Who Am I? and each guest will have an animal picture or name of an animal on each players back.

d. Players are informed that they are not to tell other players what animals are on each others backs.

e. The way players find out What Animal They Are is to ask other players Yes / No questions.

Can I fly?, Do I live on a farm?, Do I live in the forest?, Do I hibernate?

Players can only ask a person 1 question at a time, but not 2 questions in a row.

This encourages people to mingle and move around. Each question must also be answered with a “yes” or “no.”

f. Once players think they know what animal they are, they go to the Game Host and tell them. If they are the first person to correctly guess they win a prize.

In many cases this game does not offer a prize but you play until everyone guessed their animal .

This is a great icebreaker game and can be used to keep guests busy.

– For Fun:
Give everyone five minutes to mingle and then after five minutes each person goes around the room and guesses what they think they are.

– Competitive: Winner Fewest Questions Asked to Get Answer
Give each person a piece of paper with 10 sliver cut in, but allows the paper to be connected at the bottom. As each question is ask, the person answering removes 1 of the 10 slips. Then if someone thinks that they know what they are you can tell how many questions they asked. (FYI – make sure there are no mirrors in the room.)

– Competitive: Fastest Correct Answer
First person to come up the host and tell them what they are wins. Note: Watch the couples – they can be tricky) However, if they guess wrong they are out of the game.

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