Crazy What If Questions Game
Supplies: Pen, paper, a single die

This is a fun game for social events and slumber parties. Those that enjoy writing and mad libs will enjoy the odd silliness of this game.

Crazy What If Questions Game Prep & Play
a. Everyone sits in a circle and each person has a pencil and a piece of paper.

b. Each person is tasked with coming up with a what if statement, starting with (of course) WHAT IF…
Be creative… (Example: What if John was a giant?, What if the world was black and white?, What if birds could read out minds?) Proceed once everyone has written a What If statement.

c. Then each person passes their paper to the right and that person writes and answer for the question they were handed. (Example… What if John was a giant?  I would give him a beanstalk, or What if the world was black and white? The world would be a much simpler place.)

d. Once everyone is finished answering the question, you pass it again and again until everyone has answered the questions or until you have 6 answers on the sheet.

e. Now select a person to read their What if statement and then have them roll the die.
First Roll represents the person on the right who’s sheet you are going to use. 1 – 6

They Roll Again, Second Roll represents which answer on the sheet to read. 1 – 6

f. Now the Die Roller – Reads there What If statement again and after reading it the person reads the answer on their sheets.

(So it would be… What if John was a giant? ….Kittens would dance and sing.)

g. It is fun to do three rolls per what if and see how crazy and different the responses are. Once the players turn is over the next person to the right takes their turn reading their statement and rolling the die.

Play one or several rounds with new what if questions.