Alphabet List Game
Supplies: Nothing but kids and imagination

This game can be played in the car on long trips, around the campfire and at parties. Usually it is a fun activity game, but it can be adapted for a competitive party game where remembering is the key to success.

Alphabet List Game Prep & Play
First create a scenario: We are going to the zoo or farm or camping or the store, etc…) and we are see animals or brought along or need to buy…

You will need to create your story or list. Then start the list with an item that begins with the letter A, the second item with B, then C, then D, etc… and as each new item is added it becomes harder to remember all the items on the list.

This is important as each new person must repeat all the items on the list and then add their new item. If they forget an item or get the order wrong then they are out. The more items on the list to remember the harder the game. The last person who can name all the items wins.

We are going to the zoo and we are going to see anteaters, baboons, cats, dogs, elephants, etc…
We are going camping and need to take…
We are going to the store and need to buy…

More Difficult: Word Relationship List Game
This game involves a little quicker thinking and depending on the age may include a time limit.

You can create a scenario like the Alphabet List Game (camping, zoo, grocery, etc…) and include a list.

Have your group in a circle and tell than you are going to the store, zoo, etc… and you need to bring something that starts with the letter A.

Now the First person says Apples.
The Second person my say we are going to the store to buy Apples and instead of selecting something with the letter “B” they must choose an item that starts with the last letter of the previous word, so for Apples it would be “S”
So we are going to the store to buy Apples and Sausage, then the next person must use the letter “E” and also remember what the other two were bringing.