Cat Tails – Children’s Party Game
Supplies: Strips of cloth (cat tails) and kids with energy

Cat Tails is a fun chase and stomp party game that is best played in yard or large room. This party game is best played if the kids are wearing casual or play clothes. If played indoors – Play only on a Carpeted Area as kids may fall down.

Cat Tails Game Prep & Play
a. Create Cat Tails – 2 Options for you
– Get long strips of cloth any extra you have a round make them at least one yard long and have the kids put them in the back of there pants (or create little Velcro attachments), with the tail just hitting the ground. (If they don’t hit the ground don’t worry.)

– Or get the Cat Tails from a Halloween store or measure out the same length like two feet, in this instance the cat tails or cloth will hang out of their pants.

b. Once all the kids have their tails in place (if needed use belts and hang the cat tails from the belt), you can let them know that they are going to play Cat Tails.

c. The Party Host can then explains that each of the players is a Cat and the other players (Cats) must run around and either stomp on the tail (if it hangs on the ground) with their feet or pull the tail off (Option 2 cat tails or shorter cloth tails) using their hands.

d. Once a player loses there tail, they are out of the game.

e. Goal of each cat is to remove the other cats tails while keeping your own cat tail on! While players can run from other players, they cannot push, shove or grab them in order to get to or stop them from grabbing the tail. 

This Birthday Party game is Cat Krazy as the kids scramble to play the game.

f. The game continues until only one cat is left with a tail.

A couple rounds of this game should help tire them out real fast.

Variation: If you have kids 7 – 9 consider having different colored tails and play as teams.