Freeze Frame Model Game
Supplies:  Digital camera or phone, music, paper, pen, computer is a plus

This game was created when America’s Next Top Model and Make Me a Supermodel were on tv, but the idea can still be fun and silly for a party game or a slumber party. This game is most likely to be enjoyed by a girls event, but the guys can play to if they are game.

Freeze Frame Model Game Prep, Rules & Play
a. Start by having each guest “model” write on a piece of paper an
Emotion – Sad, happy, sorrow, excited, tense (Something creative)

b. And then on another piece of paper have them come up with a Situation or Event:
Locked keys in car, Grounded, Crowned homecoming queen, Thanksgiving dinner, etc…

c. Now place all the pieces of paper in a hat.

d. Pull the first piece of paper out and read it out loud. Example: “Excited”

e. Now start the music and tell everyone to dance and when the music stops they need to freeze into their excited pose. Start the music and after 20 – 30 seconds stop the music and have the kids freeze.

f. Now go around and take a picture of each model’s frozen pose. Be sure to write down what emotion or action was or the paper each time so everyone remembers what the photos portrays. So Round 1 – Excited, Round 2 – Grounded, Round 3 – Sorrow and so on.

g. Now select another piece of paper and repeat. You can do this 8 – 10 times.

h. Once your are done have another activity for your guests so you or a parent can have enough time to download the photos and then place the word or phrase at the top and place each photo on a page. (Word should work well for this)

i. Now you can print out the finished result, show the pictures on tv or leave it online. We recommend that all the photos are deleted and none are placed on any social media accounts.

j. Have judges (Parents) or guests vote on who was the best model base on each assignment (word / phrase) and then announce the winner.

In this game you can have a winner per round or a grand prize winner. We just recommend having fun with it.