Superman Help Us – Birthday Party Game
Supplies: 2 of each, Superman shirt and cape, dress shirt, glasses, hat


Superman Help Us Game Prep & Play
Divide the group into 2 teams and let them know that they must go into a closet or room (that acts as an imaginary phone booth) as Clark Kent and come out as Superman!

Once they come out of the phone booth Superman must then complete a task in order to help save the day! This birthday party game is set up so you can play as a relay race.

Superman Game set up:
Give Clark Kent clothing items and accessories (a dress shirt, hat, glasses and a you might include a tie too) to the first person in each line and have them put it on.

Then let them know when they hear a cry for Superman – “Superman we need your help, Lex Luthor is robbing the bank.” (This only happens once to start the game) that they must go into the telephone booth (each team has a different booth or area to change in ) and take off Clark Kent’s outfit and transform into Superman by putting on the Superman shirt and cape to fight evil.

The kids Fight Evil by Completing Challenges that help Defeat the Villian or Villains:
Use pictures of Superman’s arch enemies like Lex Luthor, Prankster, Brainiac, General Zod, or general criminals and after each team member completes a task you mark off a Villian.
– Ring Toss – where toss a ring over the villain
– Bean Bag Toss – Knock over picture of bad guys or toss bean bag in a bucket
– If the kids are older you could use a large dart board with villians / balloons on it and once the take is to pop the villains balloon another options if the game is outside use water balloons as targets and have the kids toss something that would pop them..
Or create your own game – Here are some ready to go party games too.

Once Superman completes the task he then must return to the phone booth and
– Take off the Superman shirt and cape and left it in the phone booth.
– Then put on Clark Kent’s outfit, exit the phone booth and return to their teams line where they must give the Clark Kent’s outfit to the next person in the line who must then put it on and head to the phone booth to change into Superman.

The Superman Save Us game continues until each team member has completed a task successfully and the last member returns to the front of the starting line dressed as Clark Kent! That team wins!