Finds the Stars Game
Supplies: Glow in the dark stars, yard or outdoor area

This game is in the style of an Easter Egg hunt, but with glow in the dark stars for this party game. It is a fun search game for kids and it is fun to play in the summertime.

Find the Stars Game Prep & Play
a. For this game buy a bag or two of those glow in the dark stars that are at least and inch across (it’s fun if the stars are all different sizes – but large stars work best) and before the party let them sit in the sun or in a well lit room so they will glow for a while.

b. Now just before the game or party scatter or strategically place the stars in a room or around the yard.
Note: If you have pets please make sure the yard is clean and don’t let the dogs out prior to game as they might eat the stars.

c. Set a theme or story
If you have a party theme that is based on:
When you wish upon a Star, Birthday Star, Star Search, Moon and Stars or even Tinker Bell waving her wand in granting a wish, then you can craft a story about Stars and why or how there might be some in the house or backyard:
– Wishing Stars falling from the Sky. (Consider adding numbers on the stars and correspond them to prizes)
– Star Search theme could be the person who finds the most Stars goes first in the Star Search Talent Show or wins a prize
– Moon and Stars Theme – use the glow in the dark stars as party favors!

Just be creative tell a story that shares why there might be stars in the backyard and then gives a good reason for them to search and find stars. (Prizes, first to play a game or participate in an event)

If you need a little help that just say according to the the news there would be falling stars tonight and you thought you saw some fall into the yard!

d. Tell the kids that they should go look for the stars and the person lucky enough to find the most falling stars will win a prize.

Want to add a little more drama, have someone outside throwing a few falling stars as you tell your story. If the kids are young they will be excited to see one!