About Party Game Ideas

Thanks for your interest in Party Game Ideas

Party Game Ideas was started in 2002 in order to help manage games suggestions that were being submitted to the Gift Idea Center web site.

At the time I volunteered to organize the games for my husband and he built a simple web site for me, which I typed in the games and linking to online games that served our site visitors. Little by little the Party Game Ideas continued to grow and I added games every few weeks until 2005, when several hurricanes swept through Florida and in just a few weeks life changed course. The site remained virtually unchanged for several years, until a full site makeover and a revision of 400 pages of party games in 2008.

In 2015, several of our online relationships ended and Party Game Ideas made the decision to start creating and selling it’s own line of printable party games and so far the response has been encouraging. Our time and energy was focused on make games rather than building a new site and slowly our design started to impact traffic and sales.

It’s 2018, Party Game Ideas re-creating itself again and completed the update of it’s web site and continued to add new printable games in various categories.

Another first, we released our first children’s Christmas book, Ernie the Elf and the Special Gift, on Amazon.

Today, I work on most of the content items and game creation and my husband handles the sales, customer service and web site stuff. We hope you enjoy the changes, new games and new site once it is complete.

Sarah & Russ – Party Game Ideas