Printable Wine Tasting Kit

Get wine placemats, wine rating sheet, wine tasting tips and terms, plus helpful tips for the party host.

Plan an evening of fun with our Wine Tasting Party Kit. Whether you hold a blind wine tasting event or one where you hand select each wine, Party Game Ideas wine tasting kit will help make your event a success.

Printable Wine Tasting Party Kit
Wine Tasting Kit includes Wine Placemats numbered 1 – 8 and a blank placemat, Wine Scorecard for 8 wines and a blank scorecard, Wine Information Card for guests, Bottles Tags from 1-8 and blank bottle tags, and helpful tip sheet for the party host. Just purchase and the PDF file link will be emailed to you.

Wine Tasting Party KitWine Tasting Kit
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3 Wine Tasting Placemats (1-8 & Blank Sheet)
2 Wine Scorecards (1-8 & Blank Sheet)
Wine Information Sheet for Guests
Wine Bottle Labels (1-8 & Blank Tags)
Party Host Tips & FAQs

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We wanted to host a wine tasting event and reviewed several options online and found that know sold what we wanted, so we created Wine Tasting Kit of our own.

We made a wine placemats that are for setting wine bottles or glasses, and not for writing notes. We felt that this was important because who wants to write on a placemat that could have wine spilled one it.

Many wine scorecards have people score all of the five S’s (See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, and Savor) and while that is important, what really influences whether you like the wine is the Sniff, Sip and Savor. Therefore our wine tasting scorecard note area focuses on those three areas.

We also wanted a few little extras, like an information sheet to give our guests to help them enjoy our event and wine bottle labels too. We ended up making those for our party and decided to add them to our Wine Tasting Kit, because they were so well received.

Last we did a lot of research before hosting our wine tasting and knew that others could benefit from this information as well. So we included answers to questions like How much wine?, What order should the wine be?, Should I serve cheese with wine?, and more. These wine tasting answers should help any new or seasoned wine enthusiast uncork an excellent wine tasting event.

Here is a quick review of our Wine Tasting Kit
Wine Tasting Placemat
Placemats are set up to hold 4 bottles of wine or 4 wine glasses each.
Wine placemats are numbered 1-4, 5-8, and we supply a blank sheet.
We also include traditional wine scales, to get guests thinking like a wine enthusiast. These scales include Dry to Sweet, Fruity to Earthy, Light to Bold, and Ow Acidity to High Acidity.

Wine Tasting Scorecard
Wine Tasting Scorecard - Rating
Review up to 8 wines on one page.
We include a blank Wine Scorecard so you can add as many bottles as you need.
Note areas include Name, Sniff, Sip, Savor, and Score. Easy to use at all wine tastings and blind wine tastings too.
Guests can use the score line or darken in the wine glass to score the wine.

The Wine Information Sheet
Wine Tasting Information Sheet
The sheet includes a quick review of the 5 S’s.
Guests also get a list of over 60 terms that are used in wine tasting and help describe wine. This is a nice addition to any wine event and gets guest expanding how they think about wine.

These elements plus our wine bottle tags and helpful answers to wine tasting questions, will allow you to have a fun, entertaining and educational wine tasting party with friends and family. Purchase our Wine Tasting Party Kit today.

If you are looking for a game to play during your wine tasting consider our Wine Trivia game. A multiple choice game with 20 fun and conversational questions about wine.

Printable Wine Trivia Quiz Game for Wine Parties

We did a video to highlight our wine tasting kit and share some of the key elements you get with our party pack.