Conversation Starters for Kids, Holidays, Family Reunions

127 printable Conversation Starters to get families, kids, and friends talking.

Family gatherings are a great time for cousins and relatives to get together. However sometimes at weddings, family reunions and even summer picnics, you have relatives that have never met or at least haven’t seen each other for years.

How do you bridge the gap between relatives that don’t know each other well and get family talking, sharing stories, interests and laughing? Simple, Conversation Starters!

Our 127 Family Gatherings & Family Reunion conversation starter cards ask about family stories, personal likes, and some fun questions too.

Printable Conversation Starters for Family Gatherings and Reunions
Enjoy 127 conversation starters for families, and 8 blank cards so you can add your own. Just purchase, get the email with the game link, download, print, cut out cards and get the conversation started. Adobe needed to print file.

Family Reunion / Gatherings Conversation Starters
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Gather around the table and get ready to learn about friends and family with this table topics that include family, interests and likes, food, entertainment, travel, general interest and some random fun questions.

The diverse mix of questions includes some easy ones with one word answers to more elaborate ones that ask those in the group to share stories. The goal is get relatives sharing little tidbits of themselves with questions like:
What toy have you outgrown, but still love?
If we looked right now, what is under your bed?
What’s your family’s greatest strength?
Do you think Bigfoot is real? Why or why not?

The game was created to help kids age 8 to 18 help break the ice and socialize, but know that all ages can enjoy playing the game. However, the adult might want to pass on the, What do you after school? question.

This game can be played with just 2 people or as many as 15 or 20. We offer different ideas on how to play with different sized group. It is a great game to play for 10, 15 or 30 minutes, so it is perfect before eating food, as an ice-breaker, or after a tasty meal.

Game Length: 10-60 minutes
Recommend for ages 8 and older.
We feel it is best to have an adult sit in and play, just in case there our questions.

We have looked at different table topics and conversation starting questions and tried to create a well rounded mix of questions that will be fun for kids, parents and even friends. While there are around 25 specific family oriented questions involving parents, siblings, and grandparents, you also get 100 questions that anyone can answer.

So while our conversation starters are perfect for family; guests, friends and even significant others can play too and still have fun.

Why do we include blank Conversation Starter Cards?
Blank cards are included in our Family Gatherings Conversation Starters for a few reasons. 

First, we know that family’s celebrate a variety of events including birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and personal milestones. Our blank cards allow you to mix in event specific game cards with our game cards, so often players might be surprised when a card is pulled that address a specific person or event. It adds to the fun.

Second, sometimes the cards need to be tweaked based upon a family situation. Let’s say a card you like address a specific family member who has passed away, well you can re-write the card and name another family member so that the card can be used during the game. 

Lastly, our blank cards allow for you to mix in some personal interests or topics that you you know the kids can answer. Let’s say that one relative volunteers once a month, you can add a conversation starter like “Have you ever volunteered to help a charity? What charity and why? Adding a general question like this can help the family member get talking about something enjoy or do and then others can share their experiences to the conversation.   

We at Party Game Ideas hope that our Family Gatherings Conversation Starters allow family and friends to join around the table to talk about a variety of fun topics.