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Social and the entertaining Christmas Drink If game with 151 printable game cards.

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Gathering your friends around and get ready to laugh, share stories and enjoy adult beverages as you play Christmas Drink If. We have come up with 151 Drink If cards that are perfect for adult holiday gatherings, Zoom Christmas parties, dinner parties, and smaller gatherings among friends. Now you can have fun learning who had their photo taken with Santa, has worn an elf costume, had to much to drink at the Christmas party, and was so nervous to see Santa as a child they got sick. 

Our printable Christmas Drink If game cards include holiday activities, Christmas decorations, seasonal foods, watching Christmas shows, holiday activities at the office, Santa, Christmas trees and more. We really tried to touch on a variety topics and throw in some fun and interesting Christmas Drink If cards that could lead to some great stories.

Plus we included 9 blank Drink If cards so that you can add your own, this way if you know of a great family story, your town hosts a special holiday event, or you have some unique Christmas traditions you think would work well for your game you can add them into the mix. 

This Christmas Drink If game is perfect to play with friends, family, co-workers and even people you just met. This party game is a fun way to learn some fun Christmas facts about them and enjoy an adult beverage. This game is meant to be for social occasions, but not for excessive drinking. Please make sure that if you do drink while playing this game be sure to get an Uber, Taxi or have a designated driver.

Estimated Length of Christmas Drink If: 15 – 30 minutes

Want an easy party game that adults enjoy playing and inspires conversation and story telling? Then Christmas Drink If is the perfect party game. Whether you are drinking beer, a holiday cocktail, hard seltzer or just water, these game cards offer a variety of conversation points about Christmas.

With our printable Drink If cards, you’ll discover if your friends and neighbors are watch holiday baking shows, ever had a cat or dog knock over the Christmas tree, they have an Elf on the Shelf, or play with their kids toys before wrapping them!

One of the great benefits of playing Christmas Drink If, is to hear a mix of family traditions, embarrassing holiday events and fun secrets you never knew. When someone drinks after a Christmas Drink If card has been read, it is the perfect time to dig deeper and learn more about them. This game is one of our favorites, because the cards get everyone talking about something we never knew about them. The sharing of their personal Christmas stories turns the focus from drinking to talking, laughing and becoming better friends. It is a fun bonding adult party game that everyone enjoys.

Christmas Drink If Cards, Adult Christmas Drinking Game

This mix makes it fun for singles, couples and parents to enjoy our adult holiday party game. Plus you can go through the Drink If cards prior to game play and remove any that don’t apply to your group or just use them all and see who drinks.

Whether you are expect 5 or 50 people to your Christmas event, Drink If is an easy going party game that lets guest to play as long as they want without and worries of losing a turn. Any sized group can enjoy this adult party game, but it is often played with between 5 and 15 people as this allows for storytelling and everyone to hear one another. Christmas Drink If also works for virtual Christmas parties too.

We hope you have the best Christmas ever and add our Christmas Drink If party game to your event. Please remember this game is geared toward adults of drinking age and not for kids. Thanks for shopping Party Game Ideas and Merry Christmas.