Christmas Bingo – Printable Holiday Bingo Games

Supplies: Printer, purchase Bingo cards, bingo markers (holiday candies, pennies), bowl

Colorful holiday graphics and Bingo are combined to make the most wonderful Bingo game of the year! Our printable Christmas games are full of holiday images instead of numbers which adds to the holiday spirit.

Printable Christmas Bingo
Our 5 x 5 Christmas Bingo Game is like a traditional bingo card and allows everyone to play. Party Game Ideas includes 42 Christmas images and terms that make Bingo fun, a master call sheet for the Bingo Caller and instructions. Just select the number of cards, purchase, the PDF file will be emailed to you, print and get ready to play. Adobe needed to print the file.

Christmas Bingo - Printable Bingo Games 12, 25, 40 CardsChristmas Bingo 
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Printable Christmas Bingo
3 Bingo Card Packs

12 Christmas Bingo Cards $5.95
25 Christmas Bingo Cards $7.95
40 Christmas Bingo Cards $9.95

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Our Best Selling Christmas Bingo game is enjoyed by families, offices, youth group, nursing homes and friends as people of all ages can play. These printable Christmas Bingo cards are great for across, down, top line, diagonal and four corners bingo games. Full card image bingo can be played with the 12 card pack but not for the 25 and 40 card packs as you will have duplicates.

With our card packs you can purchase right number of printable Christmas 5×5 Bingo cards you need.

12 Christmas Bingo Cards $5.95
25 Christmas Bingo Cards $7.95
40 Christmas Bingo Cards $9.95

Tip: Keep you Bingo cards longer, laminate or slip in plastic bingo sleeves.

More than 40 Guests Options
Please know that we only offer 40 different Christmas Bingo Cards in our Bingo card packs.

Large group Christmas / Holiday Event Bingo Options
a. Divide into groups and play several rounds.
b. Play as couples or Team – Just have a prize for each winner.
c. Play as Tables – Again if the table wins have something for everyone at that table
d. Ask if people want to play. Some people are not Bingo people, so they may be more than happy to let others play.

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