Christmas Who Am I?
Supplies: Printer, paper, scissors, tape

a. During the Party 
Place Who Am I? Cards on guests backs and have them go around asking Yes – No questions to determine what they are.

Am I an animal? Do I fly? Am I wrapped? etc…
They are not allowed to read it themselves, nor are they allowed to ask someone else what it says.

You can play first to figure out what they are win a prize, once they game correctly they get a treat or set a time during the party when you stop and ask each person to see what they think they are. Correct answer wins a prize.

b. Individaul 20 Questions Style Game
Each Guests pulls a card places it on their forehead and asks yes or no questions about Who or What they Are.
A turn is counted as a Question or a Guess of Who / What They Are.
You can score it or just play.
Score Options – Divide up teams and track turns used to figure out Who They Are, team with fewest total questions asked wins.
Teams – Give each player 8 questions to ask and after 8 they must guess. Correct answers earns a point fo their team. Once everyone has gone. Highest score wins.

c. 5 Clues Style
Player puts the Christmas Who / What Am I card on forehead and team mates can give a one or two word clue to what they are.
The player can then respond with a Guess.
Correct Answer – next player goes, Incorrect they get another clue and repeat the process.
Play as teams scoring total correct guesses or total amount of clues used to get correct guess.

Printable Christmas Who Am I?
Party Game Ideas Who / What Am I? has created 27 different Who Am I? cards that you can print and play. This easy and fun game works as an afternoon activity with siblings, families, sleep over and Holiday parties. Just purchase, cut out and play. Plus you also get Christmas Memory Match and Christmas Corners with this purchase. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

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Christmas Who Am I? contains a variety of one and two word Christmas people and items. This game is rated easy and is geared towards kids 10 and under. Christmas Who Am I? is a good game for kids learning to read and improve social skills but asking questions. We would suggest an adult supervise this game so the kids don’t get confused and have fun playing it. This game does take some concentration so if your kids can’t sit still then this might not be a match.

We hope you enjoy our Christmas Who Am I? game and share it on social media.

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