Night Before Christmas Left Right Story Game

A Christmas tradition is now a Left Right Story with 50 Left Right gift passes.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is an iconic holiday tradition. We’ve taken this classic and turned it into a fun gift exchange activity for kids and adults. This gift passing game will have guests sending gifts to the left and the right while enjoying a memorable story of Santa’s visit. Our story alterations resulted in more than 45 lefts and rights being added to the story and a few minor changes. However, this Christmas story still reads the same and will allow you to have a fun and entertaining activity at your party or holiday event.

Printable ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Left Right Game
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Left Right Game takes the classic holiday story and turns it into a fun party activity with 50 gift passes. The file link will be emailed to you, just download, print and play.

Twas Night Before Christmas Left Right Story Printable Game
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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Left Right Story
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This holiday Left Right Story can be used at any sized gift exchange whether 4 or 104. Players start with the gift they brought or items provided by the host. As the story is read aloud, guests pass the gift in their hands to the left or right when they hear the word in the story. There are 50 gift passes in our ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Left Right story, so there is going to be a lot of present passing going on!

And just in case the gifts end up with the people who brought them, we wrote and extra stanza which is on the rules and instructions page. This way you have a few more lines in the Left Right story and everyone will have a new gift.

We think kids and adults will enjoy this present passing story as it still has almost all of the elements of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, but with the Left Right gift passing fun.

Party Host Left Right Story Tip
If you are the Party Host and plan on taking part in the Left Right Story, consider recording the story on your phone and then playing it over a portable speaker. If you do this, be sure to read the story slowly and have the recording on your phone so you can start and pause it if needed.

Left Right Christmas Games

For your Left Right Gift Exchange, let people know to bring a gift for the gift exchange and what the spending limit is. The gifts should be wrapped, so that people don’t know what it is and it adds to the fun.

If you are not asking gifts to be brought to the party, which often happens at kids holiday events, have prizes, candy or items to be passed while read Night Before Christmas Left Right game and secret mark a few of the items. These items correlate to special presents and the prizes are revealed after the game is over. Often having a mystery prize or special present makes the gift passing game/ pass the parcel game more fun.

Left Right games are extremely popular with kids, families and even adults because there is no gift steal. You just listen to the story and have fun passing the gifts. This games are silly, fun and no one knows what gift they will end up with; which makes they interesting and memorable.

If you aren’t interesting in our ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas story, then check out some of our original left right stories.

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