Ernie the Elf’s Gift Passing Game

40 Gift Passing Cards for making Gift Exchanges fun for kids and adults.

Ernie the Elf works hard making and wrapping gifts for Santa to delivery on Christmas Eve. Sometimes Ernie forgets to include a label on the gift, but Santa always knows who the gift was intended for because the right gift always ends up with the person it was intended too.

Ernie the Elf has written up a variety of Gift Passing cards to help the gifts in your gifts exchange get to the right person.
Ernie has included:
1. 40 Different Gift Passing Cards, Plus 3 Blank Cards too!
2. Each Card has a different statement and whether to pass your gift 1, 2 or 3 times to the left or right.
3. Gift Passing Game Instructions

Ernie the Elf’s Gift Passing Game works well for groups of 15 and larger. Unlike Gift Stealing games, this Gift Passing game has guests passing wrapped gifts and the gifts are open once the game is over.

Ernie’s Gift Passing Game is different than our Gift Stealing game in the nature that this cards involve more specific actions rather than attributes. Ernie’s goal is to get as many people involved in your fun gift passing game.

Printable Ernie the Elf’s Gift Passing Game
Ernie the Elf’s Gift Passing Game works for kids and adults. Just purchase the printable Gift Passing game and the PDF file will be emailed to you, download, print and play. Adobe needed to print file.

Christmas Gift Passing - Gift Exchange GameErnie the Elf’s Gift Passing Game
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3 Game Sheets with 40 Different Cards
Plus 3 Blank Gift Passing Cards
Gift Passing Instructions

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Ernie the Elf’s Gift Passing Game makes Christmas party planning easy by giving you a variety of Gift Passing cards for your gift exchange. This Gift Passing game is random and guests won’t know what their gift is until the game is over and for some kids and adults it is a better option than stealing gifts.

Ernie’s Gift Passing game includes gift passing cards that work for kids and adults on page one, kids, winter activities and pets on page two and the last page is geared towards adults. We also include Gift Passing directions and tips so you don’t end up with anyone opening their own gift.

Ernie the Elf had a lot of fun coming up with his Gift Passing Game and hopes it brings smiles and laughter to your Christmas Party’s Gift Exchange. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Ernie and

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