Gift Exchange Chaos

44 Gift Exchange Cards that make your Christmas Exchange Chaos

Gift Exchange Chaos this is a crazy gift exchange that mixes everything up.
1. 44 Different Chaos Cards, Plus 4 Blank Cards
2. You’ll never know who you’ll exchanging gifts with!
Someone in blue, someone with a beard, long hair, a Santa hat or something else ???
3. Fun and creative – Just purchase, print, cut and you are ready to play.

Our Christmas Gift Exchange Chaos game is perfect for small and larger Christmas parties with gift exchanges. You can easily adjust Gift Exchange Chaos to your group by pulling out any cards that may not apply and even writing in some of your own. So if you are in a Choir just add in cards for those who sing Soprano, Alto, tenor and Bass. Easy, fun and ready in minutes.

Printable Christmas Gift Exchange Chaos
Gift Exchange Chaos Game works for kids and adults. Just purchase the printable Gift Exchange game and the PDF file will be emailed to you, download, print and play. Adobe needed to print file.

Gift Exchange Chaos - Holiday Party GameChristmas Gift Exchange Chaos
is a printable download

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Fun for teenagers, families, adults & offices
Works best for groups of 10, 20 and even 40
3 Game Sheets with 44 Different Cards
Plus 4 Blank Gift Exchange Cards
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Many of you have been asking – Do you have more Gift Exchange Chaos cards?
Well for those who have a larger group or want to add to your Gift Exchange Chaos cards we our proud to announce.

Gift Exchange Chaos 2 – It’s more Chaos!
Gift Exchange Chaos 2 - Christmas Party GamesGift Exchange Chaos 2
is an add-on to original Gift Exchange Chaos

This is a great way to have more card choices for your Gift Exchange and mix things up with new gift steals.

New – Raise Your Hand Cards
These cards ask whether you have ordered from Amazon, like Eggnog, or played Christmas music. Guest then raise their hand to answer, but they don’t know if their answer means their gift is safe or not.

It makes for a fun twist to your gift exchange.

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Gift Exchange Chaos 2 – $4.25
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An add-on to original Chaos game
44 Gift Exchange Cards
Blank Cards to make your own

Tips and Game Play Ideas
Gift Exchange Chaos makes Holiday party planning easy by giving you a variety of Gift Exchange cards for your event. We suggest you print out the Gift Exchange Chaos cards and run through them to make sure that they work for your group. So if you are holding a Women’s Club Gift Exchange, we recommend you pull out the beard and necktie cards. Once those cards are removed you’ll still have plenty of unique Gift Exchange ideas for your group. Plus, if needed we’ve include blank Christmas gift exchange cards so you can make cards that match your groups event. Neighbor parties could use streets, clubs could use committees and school groups can use grade levels to make gift exchanges just a little more personal.

Also if it turns out that the tallest person in the room picks the Trade gifts with the tallest person, then just have them pick another card and continue with your Gift Exchange. We do provide direction for Gift Exchange Chaos but feel free to adjust work with your family and group traditions. (Like a gift can only be taken three times.)

We had a lot of fun coming up with our Gift Exchange Chaos game and hope it brings smile and laughter to your Gift Exchange. This holiday game does involve gift stealing but in a unique and fun way. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.