Christmas Carol Bingo – Printable Bingo! 
Supplies: Printer, paper, purchase Bingo cards, bingo markers (candies, pennies)

When we were thinking about coming up with a unique Bingo game for Christmas, the first thing that came to mind was Christmas Carols and who would have thought that our printable Christmas Carol Bingo game would be so popular and copied by others. We hope you enjoy our favorite holiday Bingo game!

Printable Christmas Carol Bingo
Our 5 x 5 Christmas Carol Bingo Game is a bingo game that allows everyone to play, but instead of numbers we used Christmas Carols. Party Game Ideas combined 50 Christmas Songs & Carols into our Bingo game to make it more fun. Just select the number of cards, purchase, the Adobe PDF file will be emailed to you, print and get ready to play.

Christmas Carol Bingo - Printable Bingo GamesChristmas Carol Bingo 
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Christmas Carol Bingo
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40 Christmas Carol Bingo Cards $9.95
NEW – 60 Christmas Carol Bingo Cards $12.50

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Many of you have been asking if there is a music playlist for Christmas Carol Bingo and now there is!
If you have Spotify now you can play Christmas Carol Bingo by letting the automatic shuffle feature decide which song is played next. It makes the game more fun as bingo players hope to hear the Christmas song they need played next. This holiday playlist is great if you are a Spotify member as there are no commercials.

Just be sure to record which songs have been played so you can verify when people have Bingo!

Christmas Carol Bingo Playlist on Spotify

Click here for the Christmas Carol Bingo Playlist on Spotify


Of all of our Bingo games, we get the most feedback on Christmas Carol Bingo. We’ve heard how some people forgot about these songs and hearing the Christmas song called out for Bingo brought back great memories or how they went and downloaded several Christmas carols after playing the game and shared them with family. It sounds strange, since we grew up with these holiday songs, but some people have never heard of some of these songs! Well we are happy so many of you enjoy it and glad our printable Christmas Carol Bingo is now part of your holiday.

Christmas Carol Bingo is great for top-line bingo, straight line, diagonal and four corners. Full card bingo can be played with the 12 card pack but not for the 25 and 40 card packs as you will have duplicate bingo cards.

With our card packs you can purchase right number of printable Christmas Carol Bingo cards you need.

12 Christmas Carol Bingo Cards $5.95
25 Christmas Carol Bingo Cards $7.95
40 Christmas Carol Bingo Cards $9.95
60 Christmas Carol Bingo Cards $12.50
The 60 Pack is a lot of cards and uses a lot of ink. Consider having printed at a print shop on card stock.

Tip: Keep you Bingo cards longer, laminate or slip in plastic bingo sleeves.

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