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50th Birthday Party Ideas

Getting ready to celebrate someone turning 50 years old this year? We've pulled together party games, posters, signs and decorations that can be used to create a fun and entertaining 50th birthday party for the birthday honoree and the guests. Perfect for celebrations with family, friends and office birthday events.

50th Birthday Printables

50th Birthday Party Born in 1971 Party Games

50th Birthday Party must have! Born in 1971 Birthday Game Pack includes trivia questions, fun facts, Younger or Older game, This and That to help you celebrate those born in 1971. Perfect for sharing memories from the 1970s and 1980s.

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Decades Bingo Cards 1950s to 1990s

Decades Bingo for Over the Hill, Milestone Birthdays and Special Events. A fun mix of pop culture, fads and trends in a printable bingo game. Available in 25 and 50 card packs.

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Birthday Match Me Game

Birthday Match Me is the fun and silly match game where guests try to match the birthday guy or gal. Play match the birthday person or contestant style. 2 match games perfect for teen and adult birthday parties.

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50th Birthday Party Posters Funny Quotes

Joke and prank your friends and family with these 50th Birthday party posters with funny quotes and sayings for those turning 50 years old. Check out 10 different fun, humorous signs that are perfect for home or office parties.

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1971 Party Poster Birthday Trivia Decorations

Relive 1971 with our printable party poster for birthdays, anniversaries, and class reunions. These back in 1971 signs include trivia, fun facts, and what happened in 1971. A great party decoration and way to celebrate events honoring 1971.

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Born in 1971 Trivia Birthday Game

Memorable birthday fun with 20 trivia questions just for those born in 1971. Our 1971 Times of Your Life Birthday Trivia game wil bring back lots of fond childhood and teenage memories and make getting older more interesting.

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1971 Trivia – What Happened in 1971

Discover 1971 trivia, top movies, songs, tv shows, fun facts, prices, news and more with our What Happened in 1971 trivia and facts page. Perfect resource for creating your own birthday, anniversary, class reunion and 1971 trivia games.

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Younger or Older Birthday Game Born 1971

Challenging and fun Born in 1971 Younger, Same Age, and Older will have guests guessing the age of celebrities and items when compared to the birthday guy or gal. Perfect for friends, family and office birthday celebrations.

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Parties Supplies & more Decorations for a 50th Happy Birthday Celebration

Balloons, Photo Booth Props, Tableware, Party Backgrounds

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