Decades Bingo Games – Printable Bingo Cards 25 & 50 Packs 
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Celebrate Milestones and Over the Hill Birthdays with Decades Bingo. This bingo game pulls together fads, pop culture and trends from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. It is a great bingo game that will have family and friends talking about Poodle Skirts, Sock Hops, Lava Lamps, Troll Dolls, Disco, Big Hair, Macarena and more.

Printable Decades Bingo Cards
Our Decades Bingo Games are fun for families and adults. Party Game Ideas Decades Bingo includes 15 items per decade for a total of 75 different bingo squares. Just select the number of bingo cards you need, purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Decades Bingo - Printable Bingo Cards

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Decades Bingo 1950s – 1990s 
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Party Game Ideas has pulled together 15 fads, trends and pop culture items from each of the five decades. This is a great bingo game for milestone birthdays, over the hill birthdays, anniversaries, and even reunions.

Our Decades Bingo is set up for straight line and diagonal bingo. Corner and even full card bingo. While no two cards are alike, you may have more than on winner of your Decades Bingo game.

Decades Bingo is played just like regular bingo but with fun fads, trends and pop culture from various decades. It was hard to pick just 15 items from each decade but we looked at movies, artist, fads and things that made an impact from that decade.

While some of the items are still popular today, we focused on when a fad or item surged in popularity or came on the scene. So you find Elvis in the 1950s, The Twist in the 1960s when Chubby Checker made the dance a sensation, Star Wars from the 1970s, Cabbage Patch Dolls for the 1980s and Rollerblading which hit its stride in the 1990s.

Our Decades Bingo game is unique as this game with have friends and family thinking and reminiscing about growing up in those decades. Younger family members are likely to ask what a Poodle Skirt or Sock Hop is and can learn something about the decade while playing bingo.

We offer printable Bingo Cards in two Decades Bingo card packs, 25 and 50, so you can choose the size need for your group. Decades Bingo game is geared towards adults and those 10 and up. Reading is essential to play this bingo game, younger kids can team up with adults. This will allow everyone a chance to be part of the bingo fun.

So have fun at your Over-the-Hill birthday party, 40th, 50th, 60th or 70th birthday party, family reunion, retirement, or special event where you celebrate a milestone.

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25 Decades Bingo Cards $6.95
50 Decades Bingo Cards $9.95

Decades Bingo Game - 25 & 50 Printable Card Packs

Printable decades bingo cards showcase events and pop culture from 1950s, 60s, 70, 80s, and 90s play at birthday, reunions, over the hills parties, and milestone events in life. Decades Bingo available in 25 and 50 card packs.

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