Kid’s Halloween Image Bingo Cards

The perfect Halloween Bingo for pre-k and younger children.

Halloween Image Bingo is 4×4 played just like regular Bingo but with Halloween images or words rather than numbers. These great Halloween images make it easier for younger kids to play Bingo and more colorful. Our printable Kids Halloween Image Bingo Card packs come in several sizes so you can choose what you need for your group.

Printable 4×4 Halloween Image Bingo for Kids
Our 4 x 4 Halloween Bingo Game is ready for kids, families and adults. Party Game Ideas includes 40 Halloween images and terms that make Bingo fun, a master call sheet for the Bingo Caller and instructions. We set this up you can print it in color or with black ink. Just select the number of cards, purchase and the Adobe PDF file will be emailed to you.

Printable 4x4 Halloween Image Bingo Games for KidsHalloween Image Bingo 4×4
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Halloween Bingo 4×4
3 Bingo Card Packs

12 pack of Halloween Bingo Cards $5.95
25 pack of Halloween Bingo Cards $7.95
40 pack of Halloween Bingo Cards $9.95

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Halloween Image Bingo is a simple, colorful and fun to kids. We recommend playing straight line bingo, either across or down, rather than diagonal. The reason we say this is that sometimes the young kids get confused whether or not they have Bingo. For pre-k kids consider having adults assist them when playing Halloween Image Bingo.

Printable Game Tip: We got a great suggestion to laminate or place the Bingo Cards in plastic sleeves so they last longer and it protects them in case there is a spill too.

Halloween Image Bingo printable options. Print with color ink and have the kids color their squares, use brown paper and print in black ink and you get a rustic old fashioned feel to your bingo game or print in color.
Halloween Kids Bingo - Print Options

We set up our Kid’s Halloween Image Bingo Games so you can purchase what you need. Our Bingo Card packs come in the following sizes.

12 pack of Halloween Bingo Cards $5.95
25 pack of Halloween Bingo Cards $7.95
40 pack of Halloween Bingo Cards $9.95

Have fun and enjoy party Game Ideas’s Halloween Image Bingo!

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