Halloween Pumpkin Hunt – Outdoor Party Game

Supplies: Large field or outdoor space, pumpkins

This is a outdoor Halloween game and can be played during the day or at night as long as there is some lighting or if the players each have a flashlight. Daylight works best young kids and older kids it is more challenging at dusk or at night with flashlights. This a good harvest party event and one that is best played at events without costumes. This is also a fun activity to do before a pumpkin carving party or event.

What is great about this game it is adaptable to your age group, so you can make it easy and simple for kids and more complex for the older kids.

The concept is simple hide pumpkins in a field or grassy area and the kids must go find the pumpkins and bring them back to the starting point. For younger kids make sure the pumpkins are small enough they can carry.

Play as individuals
– First one to find a pumpkin and bring it back to the start line wins.
– Hide pumpkins and place numbers on them and the numbers correspond to a prize, so the goal is to find the pumpkin and win a prize. Good for young kids.
– Have lots of pumpkins and see which child can find and gather the most pumpkins in 5 minutes.

Play as teams
– Divide up into 2, 3 or 4 teams and 1 at a time have 1 kid from each team head to the field to find and bring back a pumpkin. Once that player gets the pumpkin back to the start line then the next player on the team can go. First team to have all players find a pumpkin wins.
– Divide up group into teams and all players head out to find pumpkins at once the team to collect the most pumpkins in 5 minutes wins.
– Divide the group into teams of 2 or 3 players, now connect all the players of one team together like you would in a three legged race. (Tie the thighs together with cloth.) Now send the teams out to find a pumpkin. For this one you may want to have the pumpkins be visible and the same distance away for each team.

Use one of these ideas or create your own adaptation of our Halloween Pumpkin Hunt.