Operation Body Parts – Gross Party Game

Supplies: Fake body parts, various pastas and food items, disposable vinyl gloves (optional), bowls/buckets, cooking oil, dim lighting, stopwatch/timer, cardboard, paper, markers, best played outside (not recommended to be played on carpeted area)

The concept of the this Halloween party game is simple. Teams have to search and find body parts and the first team to find them all wins. However finding the body parts won’t be easy but it will be fun when you play Operation Body Parts. The Morgue Assistant is a similar game but played on an individual level.

Getting Started with Operation Body Parts
For this Halloween game you’ll need the following:
– Fake Body Parts – we have samples below
– Two large bowls, buckets or containers (place a garbage bags in laundry baskets)
– Items that look or feel like body parts but aren’t (Pasta, peeled grapes, etc…)
– Two cardboard body outlines with spaces where body parts are missing
– 2 sets of Body Parts cards
– Timer / stopwatch
– Optional disposable vinyl gloves (use if you need to keep hands clean)

Halloween Planning for Operation Body Parts
Go to the Halloween store or shop below for various body parts – Eyes, fingers, ears, heart, tongue, and even hands. You’ll also want body part decoys which you should be able to pick up at the grocery store.
– Fingers = Cooked penne pasta, Eyes = olives and/or peeled grapes, Ears & Tongues = large shells and/or cut pieces of lasagna, Heart = consider a lemon with some if the peel shaved off to give it a weird texture. Add in other pastas that represent intestines or worms just to make it gross feeling.

Items Needed Per Team (Remember 2 Teams so get two sets of items)
Per Team you are going to want 2 eyes, at least 5 fingers (one hand), 2 ears, 1 heart, 1 tongue and any other body part. You’ll want a total of 10 – 15 body parts.

– You can add other items for the list, here are various Halloween Body Parts & Bloody Chop Shop Props

Creating Cardboard Body
Next you will draw to outline of a body on cardboard and outline where the missing body parts belong. Tip: Have your child lay on the cardboard and trace them. FYI – Depending on the size of your cardboard you can draw the whole body or just the upper torso.

Making 2 Sets of Body Parts Cards
ou need one card for every body part that the kids have to find. I found it very easy to take a photo of the item – eye, finger, etc… and then print them out. Then put one set of cards on orange paper and the other on black paper so you can tell the teams apart.

Preparing the Body Parts Mix
Now a few hours before the party you’ll need to make the Body Mix which will include the body parts and items like large pasta shells, bow ties, ziti, rigatoni, peeled grapes, etc. Basically things that will mimic the body parts they are searching for. Now cook the pasta, rinse and let cool a few minutes, then add one or two tablespoons (drizzle it around) and gently mix in with the pasta this should help keep the pasta from sticking together. FYI – Depending on how much pasta you make you might need more oil, but error on the side of caution when adding more oil. The mixture should be a little slippery and feel gross for this Halloween game.
Warning: To much oil (Soaking in oil) creates a safety hazard as oil dripped on the floor could cause kids to fall.
Tip: To create texture differences, leave some pasta uncooked.

Also – you’ll be making a good amount of pasta since you need to fill a decent sized bucket 6 – 8 inches high with the Body Mix of pasta, other stuff and body parts. FYI – You can make the Body Mix as large as you want, but a bucket would be the smallest size we would recommend.

Once cooked and the oil is mixed in you can place in the fridge to cool, then before the party begins pull out and gently mix the pasta to make sure it is not sticking. Then mix in each teams body parts. (If you kept some pasta uncooked, add it into the mix when you add the body parts.)

Playing Operation Body Parts
Divide your guests into two teams (Orange and Black Teams)

Layout each teams Cardboard Body Cutout with the missing body parts and let each team know they must search the Body Mix for the Missing body parts.

There is one catch, each player will only be looking for 1 body part per turn.
And they ’ll only have 15 seconds to search for that body part in the Body Mix

The body part each team will search for will be based on the Orange and Black Body Parts Cards.
At the beginning of each teams turn their player will be shown their corresponding Body Parts card and they need to find that Body Part in the Body Part Mix without spilling any Body Mix outside of the bucket / container.
If any Body Parts mix is spilled then the found Body Part must be returned to the mix.
Note: This game can be mess so we recommend that the kids wear vinyl gloves and even bibs to protect their clothing.

When you say GO! Each team member heads to the Body Parts Mix to search for their specific Body Part.

Once 15 seconds are up – If the body part is found then the body part is placed on the Cardboard Body Cutout and that Body Part Card is removed from their team’s deck. If the team does not find the body part then that Body Part Card moves to the bottom of that teams deck.

Then the next set of players set forward and repeat the process.
The first team to find all their Body Parts Wins

Note: Operation Body parts can also be played as a Relay game where players hunt until the find the body part and then the next player is shown the body part they must find. If you play relay style consider having one person per team showing the cards to the players that way the cards don’t get mixed up.

Operation Body Parts is a Messy Halloween Party Game
Use care and caution when playing this game – adult supervision recommended
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