Miserly Man – Halloween Food Passing Story for Kids

Supplies: Wet sponge, corn silk, dried apple or peach, peeled grapes, raw liver, raw oyster, beads. These are itemes that can be passed around during the story.

The Miserly Man – Prep and Halloween Story 
Have your guests sit in a circle on the floor or at a table and dim or turn off the lights or use a flashlight so you can read the story of the Miserly Man. As you read the story pass around bags with the body parts. Have an assistant or someone to help make sure the order is correct. (See Halloween food prep video at bottom of page)

If the room is not totally dark, at guests to close their eyes and listen to the Tale of the Miserly Man.

A Tale of Halloween Woe

Once upon a time in this very town
Lived a miserly man whose name was Brown Alack
And alas, on a Halloween night
He was terribly murdered because of spite
And ever since then he has roamed the earth
To warn and to haunt the place of his birth
Tonight we have some of his restless remains
So we’ll make you acquainted at once with his .. BRAINS
(Begin passing wet sponge)

And now your shuddering touch will know
The victim’s HAIR has continued to grow
(Pass corn silk, yarn or old wig)

He heard too well the tinkle of gold
It’s powerful EAR that now you hold
(Pass dried apple or dried peach)

His EYES were small, but very keen
Though the kind deed of earth they’ve never seen
(Pass peeled grape)

He was sly and cruel from the start
So now you’ll feel his bleeding HEART
(Pass a raw piece of liver)

He talked a lot when he was young
Now your feeling the remains of his TONGUE
(Pass a raw oyster)

But wait! He comes and stands within
He’s hunting for some friends or kin
Listen closely and above his moans
You’ll hear the rattle of his BONES!
(Gently rattle some beads or closepins – then silence – wait a few seconds and then make a loud bang! It will make them jump!)

The End

Thanks – Collett

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