Tragic Sam

Tragic Sam

Tragic Sam – Halloween Story Game
Supplies: Cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower, peeled tomato, peeled grapes, popcorn kernels, baby carrots, spam, pen and paper, bags or bowls, paper towels

Some say that Tragic Sam and The Miserly Man are the same story. So we wrote a Tragic Sam food passing story.

You can play Tragic Sam two ways.
1. Read the Halloween food passing story and when you get to the lines involving brains, heart, eyes and so on pass around those items to gross the kids out.
2. Read the Tragic Sam story and when you get to the brains, pass them around, and then before reading the next line have everyone write down or guess what the item is. Once they write down the their answers, state the next line and pass it around. Continue until the poem is complete. The finish the game one by one go over the items and have guests read their answers, once everyone answers reveal what is was. Repeat with all the other items.

Personally we enjoy reading the story and passing the items, not knowing what the item is, is part of the fun.

For both story games you will dim the lights to create a spooky effect. If you are have guests write down answers give them paper, pen and maybe one of the flameless tea-light candles so they have enough light to write with. Begin reading the story of Tragic Sam and when the time presents itself pass around the body parts. Note: It helps to have a helper with this and make sure the kids have paper towels to wipe off their hands with as the body parts are gross.

Tragic Sam - Halloween Gross Food Passing Story

Food = Body Part Items
Sam’s brain – (cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower)
Heart (peeled tomato)
Eyes (peeled grapes)
Teeth (un-popped popcorn)
Fingers (baby carrots)
Liver (slice Spam in a weird shape or real liver!)

Their all several Halloween Story Game and each has a similar premise. Tell the story and pass the around the food. The other stories are My Dear Late Lamented Friend and Miserly Man.

This a great Halloween activity that will leave a lasting impression. This tends to be a game for those 8 and older. Have fun and Happy Halloween.

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