Monster Dash – The Halloween Monster Dice Game

Need a simple but fun Halloween party game or weekend activity for kids, families and even adults? Then Monster Dash is that game.

Monster Dash can be played by 2, 10 or more players. Just roll the dice and mark the movement of your monsters as they head towards the finish line. The first one to roll their monster 5 times wins. Just in case there is a tie, we offer a solution to determine a winner.

Monster Dash Printable Game
This printable Halloween dice game includes a full sheet printable and 2 per page game sheets so you can save paper. You provide the dice and players. As an added Bonus, you get 2 different candy dice games.

Monster Dash Dice Game for Kids Printable Halloween Activity
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Printable Game Pack includes:
Monster Dash – Full page & 2 per page game sheet
Candy Bowl Game – Full page & 4 per page game sheet
• A simple candy game for younger kids (Ages 4-8).
Halloween Roll the Dice – Full page & 4 per page game sheet
• Game involves a pair of dice and is for families and kids 7 and older.
Rules & Instructions for each game.

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DIY dice game information below.

Monster Dash Game Notes & Comments
• This is an easy Halloween game to put together. You just need game sheets, dice, and game players.

• While this game does not include candy, we offer ideas on how to incorporate it with the instructions.

• How long does the Monster Dash take to play?
The length of game play will depend on the number of players. Often groups of 5 and less take 8-10 minutes, where groups of 6 and more can run 10-15 minutes. If you have a large group and need to speed the game up, you can always add another set of dice to the game.

• Recommended for adults, families, and kids 5 and up.

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Halloween Monster Dash Dice Game for Kids Party Game Classroom Activity

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