Broomstick Witch Hunt
Supplies: Broomsticks – real , handmade mini-ones or paper cutouts, Halloween candy, flashlights if at night

Broomstick Witch Hunt Game Prep
1. Purchase or make broomsticks (about 12 – 25)
2. Decide: Make a path of broomsticks or make a clue version like a scavenger hunt. It is recommended that for young children a path is easy and fun. If the kids are all 6 and 7 then clues help make it more interesting.
3. Decide on where you want your broomstick path to start and end first. Front yard to shed in the back of the house, path from the basement to the attic or the garage – around the house – to the back door and the kitchen – to discover a real live witch. Note: If you do have the kids go through the house, have a helper to place brooms around once the kids are call to start the game, that will give them a chance to hang or post the last brooms.
Tip: Also it is a lot of fun to have the kids find the Witch (someone in costume) at the end and learn she is a friendly witch and will share her candy.
4a. Broomstick Path – Lay out your broomstick path from the starting place to the ending location for young kids place broom 5-15 feet apart and have fun with it. Go from the sidewalk to the lawn to a low hanging branch, it is helpful to have only one other broomstick in the kids sight line. That way they don’t jump ahead to fast and there is a little bit of a challenge.
4b. Broomsticks with Clues – This is more of a scavenger hunt format where kids find the first broom and either tied to the broom or if paper written on it is the clue to the location of the next broomstick. So you could go from the front yard to “The Witch was spotted where the birds take a bath.” (Birdbath), by a specific tree, fence, a specific item in the house, basement and so on. With the clue version, we recommend 10 – 12 broomstick clues and you can even throw in a challenge or two in this version. (Make a clue a picture that you cut up into 9-15 pieces that they must put together – the picture is where to go next. I like doing at least two of these. You can also make them do an activity or physical challenge.)
5. Have candy at the end of the trail and if possible the witch too.

How to Play Broomstick Witch Hunt
1. Start by telling your guests about a story about an Witch (she can be Evil if you want) that has stolen the Halloween Candy!
2. Sample story:
A Witch has stolen the Halloween candy and now we (your guests) need to find her hideout and get the candy back. Good thing the witch has left behind some clues, word has it that the witch was at our house trying to find a new broomstick to ride because her old can’t carry her and all the candy. A little bat told me she is still looking for a brook and making a mess by discarding all the unwanted brooks all over the place. The bat said that he saw her in “state place where the first clue is” (in the front yard, basement, garage) and if find we find her we can then get the candy back. (Adapt the story as needed)
3. If at night, give the kids flashlights (if not proceed) and encourage them to go check out where the witch was seen.
4a. Broomstick Path version – An adult should be there at all times and when you get to the first location, especially with young kids. Ask does anyone see anything? If no, then encourage them to keep looking and ask if anyone sees a broomstick. Once they see it, gather the crew around and say – “She was here but she has moved on, lets see if we can spot another broomstick near here.”
4b. Broomstick Clues – Have the kids go to where the first broomstick is and see if they spot the clue. From the clue they should be able to determine where the next broomstick is, if however they are stumped try to steer them in the right direction without telling them exactly where it is.
5. Have them continue to follow the path or clues until the reach the end and find the hidden Halloween candy and if possible the Witch! (Who might be have only taken it so she would have something to hand out to trick-or-treaters that came to see her. )

Broomstick Witch Hunt Variations / Options

1. Have a large group and playing the clue version. (Best if kids are not in costumes)
a. Divide group in teams and time how long it takes to complete the course. Fastest time wins an extra Halloween favor.
b. Divide into groups and run similar courses, first team to finish wins.
2. Add in a variety of small challenges. Walk across a log (wooden board), drink witch’s potion, play Witch’s Ring Toss, or even take a picture riding on the witch’s broom! Get creative. This makes the Broomstick Hunt more interesting.

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