Printable Halloween Bingo Cards 12, 25, 40 Packs 
Supplies: Paper, Bingo cards, Halloween images, printer, bingo markers (candy corn, pennies, poker chips)

Our traditional Halloween Bingo game is a 5×5 bingo game that allows everyone to play. Party Game Ideas includes 40 Halloween Bingo images and terms like Pumpkin Carving, Trick or Treat, Candy Corn, Ghosts, and more. We made a fun cemetery bingo card that is perfect for Halloween parties and events. Just select the number of bingo cards you need 12, 25, or 40, purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Printable Halloween Bingo

Printable Halloween Bingo CardsHalloween Bingo 
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Halloween Bingo
3 Bingo Card Packs

12 Halloween Bingo Cards $5.95
25 Halloween Bingo Cards $7.95
40 Halloween Bingo Cards $9.95

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We thought about doing Halloween words for our printable Halloween Bingo game but when we asked for feedback from our visitors many said that kids, parents and older adults enjoy having Halloween images in their bingo games. In fact, colorful images are easier to find, identify and remember than just a page of words and numbers.

Our Halloween Bingo card is great for top-line bingo, straight line, diagonal and four corners, full card bingo can be played with the 12 card pack but not for the 25 and 40 card packs.

Select the card packs you need and enjoy playing Halloween Bingo.

12 Halloween Bingo Cards $5.95
25 Halloween Bingo Cards $7.95
40 Halloween Bingo Cards $9.95

Tip: Keep you Bingo cards longer, laminate or slip in plastic bingo sleeves.

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If you want to make your own Halloween Bingo consider 
Our DIY Halloween Bingo 

Getting Ready to Play
1. Create a Halloween Bingo Card of either 5 x 5 rows.
2. Pull together 30 to 40 Halloween terms that can will be used in your Halloween Bingo game. Please be sure to have a master set of these terms that the Bingo Caller will pull from during your games.
3. Hand out empty Bingo frames to each guest and left them know they will be filling in the Bingo cards from a list of Halloween terms.
4. Allow Guests to select Halloween terms for their Bingo cards and place them in the blank spaces of the Bingo card.
5. Once they have completed their Halloween Bingo cards you are ready to play.

How to Play Halloween Bingo
1. Each player should have a Bingo Card and the game begins when the Bingo Caller pulls one of the Halloween term from the bowl and announces what the terms is. The Caller then sets the called Bingo term in the Called Pile, which is later used to validate whether someone does have Bingo.
2. Each Bingo Player looks at their Halloween Bingo card and if they have that term on their card they mark it with their Bingo Marker. (Candy Corn, Pennies,)
3. The Bingo Caller continues to pull out terms until a Bingo Player Gets a row across or a row down. You may also play diagonal and / or 4 corners, vary accordingly to your age group. We suggest on 4 x 4 cards to play rows and on 5 x 5 cards you can add in diagonal and 4 corners if you choose. Once they have a complete row, the player yells BINGO!
4. The Player must then call out the images that create the row and the Bingo Caller must confirm that the Bingo images were called and then check the card to confirm it is a valid row.
5. The Winner receives a prize. Note you may have more than one winner per game.
6. Once the Halloween Bingo Game is over, the Bingo Caller places the called Halloween terms back into the bowl and mixes them up. The Players clear their Bingo Cards of all the Bingo Markers and you are ready to play again.

Halloween Bingo Twists and Options

1. Mix things up – Once everyone has completed their Bingo Cards have them pass them to the person on their left or just gather them up and random hand them out.
2. Play a specific row or squares – Top Line Bingo means that you can only win by getting the Top Line of your Bingo card to win. You can also do Bottom Line, The Left or Right Side or Full Card Bingo where you must have every space on your card filled in order to win. Full Card Bingo is great on 4 x 4 Bingo cards and is fun as the final Bingo game.

Additional Halloween Bingo Game Options
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