Halloween Nightmare Bingo  
Supplies: Paper, Bingo cards, Halloween images/terms, printer, bingo markers (candy corn, pennies, poker chips)

Halloween Nightmare Bingo is the Bingo game that combines your worst fears with Bingo. We love Bingo but wanted something more nerve rattling and social while playing. Now your guests can squirm and discuss their favorite horror movies while playing our Halloween Nightmare Bingo. Nightmare Bingo is great for Halloween parties, sleepovers, horror movie marathons and any social gathering with friends that don’t mind Nightmare topics.

Printable Nightmare Bingo
Our Nightmare Bingo game is played like regular Bingo but with Halloween images or words rather than numbers. Nightmare Bingo Squares include people, places and things that cause nightmares. Bingo card packs include bingo cards, 51 nightmare terms & images, master call sheet for the Bingo Caller, instructions and a glossary. Just select the number of cards, purchase and the Nightmare Bingo PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Nightmare Halloween Bingo Halloween Nightmare Bingo 
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Halloween Bingo
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12 Halloween Nightmare Bingo Cards $5.95
25 Halloween Nightmare Bingo Cards $7.95
40 Halloween Nightmare Bingo Cards $9.95

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We included over 50 Nightmare Bingo squares that range from Buried Alive, Cockroaches, Horror Movies, Zombies and more. You even receive a Nightmare Bingo glossary, just in case you are not familiar with some of the Nightmare terms. While the game does not contain blood and gore type squares, we recommend this Bingo game for ages 13 and older.

Halloween Nightmare Bingo is the perfect addition to some and large events, horror movie binges, sleepover parties and dinner parties with friends. Plus each Bingo square makes a great conversation piece where you can ask questions to see if the sound of a Creaky Floors in the middle of the night or Spiders or Michael Myers from Halloween scares them.

Nightmare Bingo is a little different than over Halloween Bingo games and in our opinion a lot more fun that just calling out numbers. Now you can end your Bingo game with a Blood Curdling Scream of BINGO! and everyone should be ok with that.

Choose the right printable Halloween Bingo card pack for you and get ready for a night of spooky fun.

12 Nightmare Bingo Cards $5.95
25 Nightmare Bingo Cards $7.95
40 Nightmare Bingo Cards $9.95

Tip: Keep you Bingo cards longer, laminate or slip in plastic bingo sleeves.

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A little Halloween Nightmare Bingo with some of our friends!

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