Halloween Candy Bar Mash – Guessing Game

Supplies: Variety of candy bars, pen & paper, paper plates or cupcake liners, microwave, stickers

Sometimes fun games aren’t brand new but adapted from other party games, Halloween Candy Mash is an example of a shower game transformed into a Halloween game. While there are many steps it is pretty simple to play and I offered personal advice.

I contemplated whether call this game Halloween Candy Mash, Monster Poop, Body Rot or Decomposition. Candy Mash was the best to convey what the game was about but you can use any name you choose.

Halloween Candy Mash – Game Prep
1. Get a large variety of candy bars / candies, I suggest 12 – 15
Examples: Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Almond Joy, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, M&M’s, Skittles, Kit Kat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Milk Duds, Candy Corn (an easy one)

2. Create the Guess Sheet, using the computer create your Halloween Candy Mash guess sheet. You’ll need a number and a line for each different candy bar, so if you have 12 different candy bars you’ll use numbers 1 – 12 and after each number you’ll have a line where guests can write their guess. Make sure you leave enough space between each line for writing. Also create Tie Breaker Line at the bottom of the page. This is used if there is a tie and you need to utilize a tie-breaker question.

3. Gather all your candy bars, create your order, create answer sheet, number stickers from 1 – (number of candy bars) 12 and group items together.
Group the following items together to prep for the game; Candy bar, paper plate or cupcake liner (use orange or black if possible), number sticker which can be placed on the paper plate or cupcake liner now or right before the game. Now you are prepped until 15 minutes before you play your party game.

4. 15 minutes prior to playing Halloween Candy Mash, take out the candy bars and place on a plate and place candy bar in the microwave for 15 seconds (fyi the goal is to get it mushy but not cook it so adjust time as needed). Also you can put in half the candy bar or all of it, but basically you want about the same amount of candy bar for each candy mash.

Then with the candy bar warm pull it out of the microwave and mash the candy bar together so you can not visually tell what type of candy bar it was. (However you will because you have the mast answer sheet.)

If it does not mash, just place it in the microwave for a little longer and try again. Once the candy bar has been mashed place the contents on a place or (my choice) in cupcake liners and then apply the corresponding sticker so you know what number it is. Continue this process with each candy bar until you are finish with all of them. If possible have a helper as it make it more fun.

5. Have a large table or several stations where you can place the mashed candy bars. One method that worked well for us was having adults stationed through the house and the kids had to move from room to room to guess 3 Halloween Candy Mashes at a time.

This helped in keeping the kids entertained as we decorated each station, got all the adults involved and kept the kids from saying the name of the candy bar out loud and having all the other kids hear the candy bar name.


Halloween Candy Mash – How to Play
1. Have your Halloween mashed candy set up and let the kid’s or adults know they are going to play a game.

2. Hand each guest a Halloween Candy Mash play sheet and pencil and have them write their name on the top of the sheet, then let them know that they will be looking at various candy bars (you don’t need to tell them that they are mashed) and must identify them by looking and smelly them but not tasting them or touching them.

3. Remind them “Not to Say the Name of the Candy Bar Out Loud!
But when they think the know what the candy bar is they need to write it down on the answer sheet.
Note: Based on candy bar knowledge we recommend that this Halloween party game for kids 8 years and older. If you feel that it could be difficult for you age group, consider including Candy Bar names (as answer suggestions) on the Play Sheet. If you do this we would include a few extra candy bar answers than actual candy bars, as this way it is still a tricky game.

4. With sheets and pen / pencil in hand release kids in small groups or one a time to start viewing the mashed candy bars. Continue this process until all the kids have been released. (Again if you have station set up you can release the kids to different stations all at once and then have them all shift at the same time.)

5. The players should be given 5 – 10 minutes to play the game and then be asked to turn in the Halloween Candy Mash play sheets for scoring. Just be sure to give the last kids the same amount of time as the first kids.

6. Once the play sheets are turned in, score the sheets and record the players with the highest correct responses. Tie Breaker Idea Below

7. Return the Halloween Candy Mash play sheets to each player and then one by one identify what candy bar corresponded with each number. You can ask the guests to guess first before offering the correct answer, this makes it more fun.

8. Once all of the Candy Bars have been identified then announce the Winner of the Game and give them a prize or let guests know that there is a Tie between (name the players) and we must do a Tie Breaker.

9. Tie Breakers Ideas
An easy tie break is to have container fill with Candy Corn and have them guess how many Candy Corn are in the jar. (but that involves counting) Each person writes down  their answer on the play sheet and then can tell the Game Host the number. The guest closest to the actual number of candy corn in the jar Wins.

Another idea is; since the game is Halloween Candy Mash – Research the year the specific Candy Bars were introduced Example: Milky Way was first introduced in 1923, Snickers in 1930,  Kit Kat in 1933 then have players write down the year on their paper and then share the answer with the game host. The player closest to the actual year Wins.

Overall Halloween Candy Mash is easy and entertaining and is very similar to what’s in the Dirty Diaper a Baby Shower game. I hope you enjoy the Halloween twist.

Thanks Noel – Irving, TX

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