Halloween Gross Food Guessing Game

Supplies: Plastic and paper bags, various food items, pen and paper

There are food passing stories, find gross item games and others Halloween games that are very messy. This food guessing game is less about the mess and more about the gross.

You will need a bag or bowl for each item. We have suggestions below, you can add your own to the list.

For the game you’ll want to turn down the light so that kids cannot easily see what is in the bag. You may want to add food coloring to throw them off when guessing.

Food Items to place in bags: Modify as needed
1. Cut up bananas and mash them up. Then put them in bag #1. (Mashed Brains)
2. Take grapes and peel the skin off of them and place them in bag #2. (Eyes)
3. Use hard boiled eggs, cut and pull out the yolk – Bag #3 (Eye sockets)
4. Take stick pretzels and let them soak in water until they are still hard but a little bit soggy. Place them in bag #4. (Wet Bones)
5. Use spaghetti sticks and cook them so that they are soft and bendy. Place them in bag #5. (Intestines cut up)
6. Place dried orange peels in bag #6. (Dried Skin)
7. Use beef jerky – bag #7. (Tendons)
8. Baby carrot or tips of carrots – bag #8 – Stubby fingers, dried fingers

Now have the kid’s line up to take turns trying to discover what is in each bag. Before they put their hand in bag one, tell them that they will need to remember which bag had what in it. After the first person is done give him or her a pencil and paper to write down what he or she thought was in bag 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.The person who gets the most right or the closest to the right answer can receive a prize.

You may want to give each kid a few paper towels or wet naps so they can clean their hands. Also consider moving the yuckiest item last so consider moving the bananas to last and the dried orange peels to first.
Thanks, Kirsten

Additional Gross Food Ideas can be found in this video

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